Thursday, November 22, 2012

ER Doc Convention

 It’s a major holiday, so time for a new blog post.
A while back, some blogging ER docs went to an ER doctor convention in Denver. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun, huh? Drunken tweets, NSFW pics, etc. So I monitored their tweets. Oh so many boring tweets—hundreds, maybe thousands or even millions of boring tweets. blah blah blah factor VIIas 10k for a 70kg pt blah blah blah 124k STEMI pts w CABG capability did cath then CABG 3%, without very rare. CABG grps blah blah blah 1,228 acute scrotii showed +creamasteric reflex w dxd torsion kids: can have asymptotic bacteruria and have a viral illnesses blah blah blah use a bougie after ett fail 1 and LMA after fail 2, cric if LMA fail, then BINGO a picture!:

 I love this picture.  Five blogging ER docs.  Can you identify the two calendar docs?
 Y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

*I know I need a photo credit, but I don't know who took the picture.  I was gonna say GruntDoc, but he's in the picture.  So, to spice up this story, let's just say that the five blogging ER docs hired a hooker to take this picture of them.


SeaSpray said...

Hi MBA _Surprise! Surprise! You ARE still around. It's been SIX years of blogging now.

Funny post. I really like the picture. They look like they've become good friends. :)

Wish we could see the front.

I forgot about Calendar docs.

Just need Trenchy in the mix and back to blogging.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

I was just thinking about you last week because I was thinking it was time to have a sparkling red on my toes for Christmas and I remembered you always have red toenail polish with French tips on fingernails.

Funny how we remember random things about someone. :)

Medblog Addict said...

Hi Seaspray. Congrats on your sixth blog anniversary! Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.

precordialthump said...

Love it - brilliant summary of ACEP... don't even need to be there!

precordialthump said...

Love it.
Brilliant summary of ACEP... don't even need to be there!

Medblog Addict said...

Thank you! All that medical stuff could be written in Klingon, it is so foreign to me. But I knew if stuck with it, I'd find something good.

I am so sorry for not publishing your comment sooner. I should have my blogging license taken away.