Sunday, June 08, 2008

Residents Preparing for July 1

Looks like someone's doing a little research before starting their new job. This is way out of my jurisdiction, but I would suggest scrubs. Scrubs in the morning. Scrubs in the afternoon. Scrubs at night. Geez-o-peetie. You can wear pajamas to work, why would you wear anything else!

Aww, I'm just kidding. Don't listen to me. Keep researching.


Devorrah said...

The best reason for teaching kindergarten rather than practicing law: I can wear jeans! Best reasons numbers 2,3,&4: June, July and August (-: Three more days!!!

pinky said...

July is coming. Oh nooooo!!!!This strikes fear in my heart!

James said...

The single best thing about OBGYN residency is getting to wear scrubs to work nearly every day.

911DOC said...

one thing you may be interested in. each july 1 the nurses brace for the very nervous interns... they have an MD but don't know much about really doing medicine, so the nurses watch them, usually very well.

also, the drug seekers pick july as a bonus month, they are likely to be seen by an intern who doesn't know their storied history and might get out with a pile of narcs.

you can tell an intern from an upper level resident by how heavy their white coat is. the heaviest coats, filled with pocket references, tuning forks, reflex hammers and the like, are quite cumbersome.

attendings may or may not wear the coat. they have a stethoscope and a pen and that's about it.