Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Stitches or Staples?

My secretary is back, appendix-less. She walks in my office and immediately lifts up her blouse and pulls down her pants a little to show us (me and two boy attorneys) her scar. She had to have an open procedure because of prior abdominal surgery.

So, of course, the two boy attorneys had to show their old scars (and tell the same old stories re: how they got them.). Two more boy attorneys come into my office, more scars to see; more boyhood stories. They love an opportunity to show their old scars. 

Anyway, this made me wonder: Staples or stitches? Boy attorney had staples for his appy; secretary had stitches. What’s the difference? And what if the patient has a preference? It looks like the scarring might be worse for staples. And if it’s an attractive patient, will the surgeon make an extra effort to make sure there is less of a chance of scarring (if that’s possible)? If someone is concerned about scarring, can they request a plastic surgeon? And does that offend the original surgeon?