Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr. Schwab is Back?

Looks like my favorite blogging surgeon might be back. Wow. It's been a long time since I've kissed his ass on my blog. I might be out of practice. Nah.

Can't wait to read his next post.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whitecoat Crosses the Line

Whitecoat is writing about his med mal case. yeah, yeah. Doctors good. Lawyers bad. I understand. But Whitecoat crossed the line in Part 3, when he commented on his lawyer’s hair:

Her shoulder length blonde hair was gathered back into a ponytail using a scrunchee. Some of her hair had come out of the ponytail and kept falling in her face, so she repeatedly pushed her hair back behind her ears. Every time she leaned forward, the hair flopped out again.

Look, at some point in every haircut, you reach that awkward stage. You know, it looks goofy if you clip it, it’s too short to catch in your ponytail, and it won’t stay tucked behind your ear. So every morning you spray it, then pray that it stays in place. Of course it doesn’t, and you spend the day pushing it out of your face and trying to tuck it behind your ear.

Commenting on that wayward strand of hair was hitting below the belt, Whitecoat. Attorneys have feelings too.

[Aww, I'm not really pissed off at Dr. Whitecoat. I guess I'm just a little sensitive because I spent the day trying to tuck a wayward strand of hair behind my ear. I just hope I don't read about it on someone's blog tomorrow.]