Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Color Me Green

I am jealous of the Bohemian Road Nurse. And it’s not just because she has a message goat, or that she’s a nurse, or that she knows how to knit. It’s because she can write a good comment. Every medblog I go to, she’s been there already, leaving behind a witty retort, an insightful question, or a practical tip. She’s even been kind enough to leave a comment or two on my little blog.

One of my “work” projects is to read Bohemian’s archives. And I want to leave her a nice, witty comment. So I was just reading one of her posts (oh yeah, I’m also jealous because she’s such an entertaining writer). The post had pictures (yep, jealous), including a picture of drinks from Sonic. So when it came time for me to leave a comment, what was the only thing on my mind?---how much I wanted to go to the Sonic and get me a Cherry Slush. What kind of comment is that? So, I didn't leave a comment. But I will next time. A real good one.

If I find out Bohemian has good hair, too, there is gonna be a catfight. Just kidding. Bohemian-Lou used to be a biker chick. She could kick my ass with one hand tied behind her back.

Addendum: I think maybe a little clarification is needed. This post is supposed to be an expression of my admiration for Bohemian's writing abilities and my frustration at not being able to think of a damn thing to say after reading a great blog. I hope it is taken that way.


Anonymous said...

I've gone from loving to read memoirs and biographies to fullblown blog addiction--yours included. ;o)

After many half-hearted attempts through the years, I taught myself to knit last month. It's meditative and fun. I highly recommend it.

Bohemian's blog reminds me in all the best ways of Jill Conner Brown's "Sweet Potato Queens" books and other assorted wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you writing again... I was concerned you might have gone back to lurking.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I hope you're not falling into the ultra-competitive mindset so many of us get quagmired in...myself included at times!

Might I recomend (somewhat paraphrasing Dino) to just blog (and comment) for yourself ? It might sound "selfish"...but we are anonymous entities (for the most part), blogging/commenting for our own expression, ventilation, edification or amusement.

If only one person likes your blog - and that person is you - isn't that the most important thing ?


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog M.A.! I was wondering where you were. :)

Dr Dork - I like your perspective on blogging.

I do question why I am writing a blog and the blogging boundaries. I initially only set one up so I could comment on other blogs but then find I feel compelled to write. Sometimes I think I am going to pull the blog and just participate anonymously - but then I write ...just one more thing.

Then after I read other blogs I get intimidated and think about stopping again.

I crack up at a lot of the medical ones - that's what got me hooked in the 1st place. :)

#1 Dinosaur said...

Your addendum is superfluous. Your admiration of BRN comes through clearly, elegantly, and snarkily. Your own writing don't suck neither.

Dork: I don't think she's being competitive. I think she's just still trying to find her balls. She certainly has them, and I know they're big enough so that she's not going to be able to keep hiding them too much longer.

Yoo hoo! Where are you, OLBG?

Anonymous said...

Gosh--thank you for saying those nice things! I always feel like I'm a strange goof-ball and that people must think I am nuts. (Ok, I am nuts but I always hope that people won't notice...) I live a simple and isolated life since returning to Podunk after a long absence. My subsequent discovery of the world of blogging has been very enjoyable--and I love your clever blog!

Anonymous said...

And now I want a Cherry Slush from Sonic, too....

Medblog Addict said...

Thanks y'all for your comments.

I've already had my Cherry Slush. It was great. Thank you, Bohemian-Lou. We do have some things in common, but I don't want to risk saying too much.