Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Fight Going on in My Head

I spent way more time than I want to admit reading about Dr. Flea this afternoon. Hours. Right now, OLBG* and Medblog Addict are duking it out in my brain over who is going to write this post. The lawyer in me wants to rant, perhaps bruising a few feelings in the process. But that would mean revealing the "work" side of me to y'all, which is something I have hesitated to do here.

The medblog addict in me wants to rant for an entirely different reason—I am pissed that this is going to affect my beloved medblogs.

I guess for now, I will just sit back and observe how the medblog world reacts to the Flea problem.

* Obnoxious Lawyer Bitch Girl


Bo... said...

Hey, I love your blog. And I'm hoping that all the "dust" will settle soon with the current crop of blog closings. I hope no more blogs close down.

While applying to nursing schools, I was a secretary for Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin and Kahn in Washington DC. (Damn, that town was FUN for a young, single idgity thing like I was, right out of college.)

I love your blog because I am fascinated by the legal world and lawyers, too. I had some fascinating experiences during my time as a legal secertary (being privy to information on some big famous stuff---and I got to meet some famous people at the Christmas party, heh!)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd love to know what you think about it all, but I wonder if there is some way you can camoflage your identity.

I guess I really don't understand what Flea blogging about his feelings about being sued has to do with the care he gave (or didn't give) the child.

I realize that both lawyers just wanted to win their case for their client. I think Flea will probably only torture himself if he considers the blog as the reason he didn't "win" the case. I don't know how the parents can feel they "won" because they got "some" money.

There's just no shortage of sorrow any way you slice it.

Amanda said...

Medblog Addict, I'd also like to hear your take on the Flea issue. Show us that professional side :D

As for the issue with Flea and his blog impacting his medmal trial, one thing he did in the blog was talk about the jury expert and how he was to act in front of a jury. Another issue was his observations about the jurors. I think the feeling was that, should the jurors hear his feelings about this it would prejudice them against him.

Then again, I could be wrong. I just hate it that it screwed up one of "my" blogs, and one that I hadn't even finished reading! Rats.

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

It shouldn't (but obviously does) impact the jury's decision in this case. His blogging had no, repeat - NO impact on his care for the chld in this case. He probably wasn't even blogging when the even occurred, so why should his views about the court room be held against him?

A trial by your peers? How is that even possible in these types of cases?

SeaSpray said...

MA- I am so sad that Trenchy pulled up stakes! Gonna have serious withdrawal here - he was so FUNNY! :(

Medblog Addict said...

BRN-You've done everything! I've been to DC on three work related trips and each time we worked all day and played all night. But damn, I still haven't been inside the White House.

Celeste, Amanda, MSG -- I'm still too riled up about the Flea thing to write nice.

Seaspray--I'm glad he's gone. Good riddance. hee hee. Keep your eyes open. He'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Are you checking your email? Gosh.

btw, I'm more than a little irritated with Trenchy.

SeaSpray said...

LOL MA! I do hope you are right.

I said in Scalpel's blog and mine just now that losing Trenchy is like having my favorite TV show canceled!

Well, his blog did put me at high risk for a coffee nasal lavage when I read him in the morning. :)

And his salad bar Throckmorton test is still my all time favorite! :)

And - what about Mr June?

Lynn Price said...

No more closing of meddie blogs. I'm going to hold my damn breath 'til I turn blue. These guys keep me on the straight and narrow. Well...they keep my characters on the straight and narrow. I'm hopelessly off kilter and just a tad whacked.