Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Request for Match Day Stories

Ms. Jones asked me if I would post her request for Match Day stories. Of course I told her yes. But I also suggested that if she wanted to reach more than 15 people, she needed to contact someone like GruntDoc or KevinMD. It sounds great. I would love reading stories about Match Day.

Proto magazine is looking for short, exciting Match Day stories from doctors who participated last year or just remember like it was yesterday. How were you affected by the tension of the moment? Did you faint with relief (or disappointment) upon opening your envelope? Did another student’s reaction catch your eye and make you think?

If you didn’t match, were you lost in “the scramble?”

Please send your stories to Carrie Jones at carrie_jones @ and include your full name and contact information with your submission. If we like your story, we may need to contact you for a brief follow-up. If you’d rather remain anonymous, we can withhold your name for publication.


Calendar Doc Tomorrow! Let's just say it's going to be a "different" kind of interview.


jmb said...

Dang, I thought this is it! Tomorrow morning or afternoon? EST or PST? I'll be back!

tk said...

Darn . . . I'm a few hours behind you, so I was hoping your post would be up so I wouldn't have to check from work!

Lynn Price said...

Ooo...white print on black background...hard on aged eyes...can't wait for tomorrow!