Friday, November 30, 2007

Don't Hurt Me, I Don't Do MedMal

I've been reading more lawyer bashing**. This time they were joking about lawyers who make sure their doctors know they don't do med mal. I have to admit, I do it, and not just with doctors and med mal.

When I was in law school, I was pulled over for speeding (ok, it was really kinda, halfway, sorta like, racing) on the freeway. It was late at night and the officer kept shining his flashlight in my face the whole time he was asking me questions (like did I know I was engaging in a dangerous activity). After a few minutes, I realized he was distracting me while his partner was peering into the windows on the passenger side of my car. He came around the car and asked me if I was in law school (no shit Sherlock; my passenger and back seats were covered with my textbooks). I was scared, and I saw the looks they gave each other, so I blurted out, “Yes, but I’m going to be a good lawyer, I hate criminals.” Fortunately, they laughed and just let me go with a stern warning.

I feel the need to defend my chosen profession, so I am going to post this item from the state medical board’s website about the disciplinary action taken against a doctor, just as a reminder that there are some interesting apples in every profession:

On April 13, 2007, the Board and Dr. ________ entered into an Agreed Order requiring that he complete additional continuing medical education in the area of ethics over two years, and assessing an administrative penalty of $1,000. The action was based on allegations that Dr. ________, because of a hole in his pants and because he routinely does not wear underwear, unintentionally exposed his genitals to a patient and her daughter while examining the patient.

I normally don't frequent the state medical board’s website, I was just doing a little research for a series of posts I have planned. But I have to say, it makes for some interesting reading.
12-1-07; 12:20
**Ok, ok. I exaggerated. It was good-natured joking in GruntDoc's comment section. But I needed something to justify including the underwearless doctor story in my post. And I think I more than made up for it by telling y’all about the stupid thing I said to the officers~MA


jmb said...

An interesting apple indeed. It seems to me he got off lightly.
I see you've been wasting time playing on those sites again, but the reindeer is cute. Maybe I'll get one too. LOL

Allen said...

I think I blogged that wardrobe malfunction myself; it's from the Texas Medical Board reports.

I didn't think my post was lawyer-bashing, by the way.


Medblog Addict said...

I'm going to get a complex.

First several people told me that my spider video was old news, now Gruntdoc is telling me he scooped me on the no underwear doctor. I can't help it. I work 50-60 hours a week and I am always hopelessly behind the times. Frankly, even if I didn't work so much, I would probably still be out of touch. LOL

SeaSpray said...

Hey M.A. - you don't need to justify anything you's your blog.

I don't think they were laughing at you being a lawyer but probably how you blurted it out. Ok...possibly they saw "good lawyer" as an oxymoron but seriously...where would we be without lawyers? We need lawyers and it is an honorable profession and there ARE bad apples in every profession including.

Old video? Your blog and we don't all go to the same blogs.

I am a Cupid reindeer. Cute test! i put it on my blog and am having fun doing Christmassy things with my blogs. :) I love that Thanksgiving was so early...longer Christmas Season. :)

tk said...

Hey, I work for one of the larger insurance companies--does that make you feel any better?

Katie! said...

I had no idea that such fascinating subjects were covered on the state medical board websites. Maybe I should take a look!

Enjoying your site!