Friday, December 21, 2007

Hint for Dr. December

I once commented (on my own blog, of course, since I'm a lurker) that this doctor's readers never let him have any fun. He wrote a post about how a female patient winked at him, made him feel good, then he found out she was a drug rep. I thought it was a funny post, but all of the comments were so serious, talking about how dangerous it is when patients seem overly friendly. Hopefully, I will "expose" the fun side of Dr. December...but first I have to get him off that couch so he can finish answering his questions.

If you want to see the "rejected" Dr. December pics, head over to ATM-Two.

For some reason, I thought about Scalpel when I saw this picture:


SeaSpray said...

That drug rep thing sounds real familiar and it is bugging me. Like I don't have enough on my mind with the Carol of the Bells music resonating through my being with this increasing sense of the mad rush...and yet I blog. ;)

Looking forward to the post.

jmb said...

That hint story sounds familiar to me too, but the memory is not what it used to be so I either need more hints or I'll have to wait patiently. But that's not my style.
Merry Christmas MbA

Anonymous said...

This is familiar to me too, and it's driving me nuts. Your site doesn't have a search function, either! ;o)