Friday, January 25, 2008

Dr. January Excuses

I’ve been working 14 hour days – great for my billable hours, but not so good for my blog.

I have already started stalking e-mailing Dr. February so, I promise, there will be a very special Valentine edition of the Calendar Docs.

Other blog business. Thank you Disappearing John for the lawyer joke AND for letting me know that my e-mail address had disappeared from my sidebar. Dr. Shroom, I don't think I will ever finish my guide to understanding the BritMeds. How about if YOU wrote a guide? Then we would actually know the information was right. Sisters=nurses? You start medical school when you're 12? And what the heck is a SHO?

Hmm, Dr. Schwab has posted three times (one about scrubs!) since I kicked his ass in my comment section. Coincidence? Of course. I doubt he even read the comment. But am I gonna take credit for his current torrent of posts? Of course!

photo credit: i don't know, but the wet t-shirt photo was photographed for Vman by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin


Alex Stoker said...

Maybe I will. Nurse = Nurse; sister = charge nurse maybe. A senior nurse anyway. So traditionally, nurse were addressed as "Staff" (Staff Nurse), or "Nurse X", Sister as "Sister", and Matron as "Matron". To do this now pisses the nurse off no end.
SHO = Senior House Officer, a now defunct term covering the basic training posts; equivalent to junior resident, I guess.

And yes, we start medschool aged 12.

Love 'n' hugs


My Own Woman said... this Valentine edition of the Calendar Docs kind of like.... ummm... a cheesecake calendar? ......and if it is, how come nobody told me?

SeaSpray said...

Looking forward to Valentines Day! :)

I am sure Dr S. saw your kick ass words. Pat yourself on the back too...for whipping a SURGEON into shape! ;)

I think Panda Bear said something like in residency...surgeons eat their young. So that was no easy feat MbA! Must be the lawyer in you. ;)

I'm kidding but that was funny MbA! :)

jmb said...

My goodness, pictures of gorgeous males in wet T shirts. I must come here more often.
Good for you, goading Sid, anyone would think he was retired.

Anonymous said...

I hate pointing this out, but correct medical terminology is sort of a pet peeve of mine...

When Dr. Schwab was declaring himself to be in a state of hypoblogia, he was referring to the small amount of posts (hypo= low, reduced, or small). By encouraging him to post more, you can take credit for hyperblogia (hyper=increased or enlarged)

You should still take the credit, but give yourself credit for a positive condition!!!

Medblog Addict said...

John--I never object to constructive criticism. I’m glad you pointed it out. I was in a hurry to post and wasn’t paying attention to what I was writing. Umm, maybe I should go back and check what I filed with the Court yesterday morning.

Thanks for stopping by, y'all. Shroom, I have been keeping up with you on Bloglines, but will be stopping by this weekend. We really do need a guide to the Brit Med Blogs. Maybe we should collaborate on something. Perhaps in a calendar setting...

MOW-the only reason I have my 15 readers is because I occasionally post pictures of half-nekkid guys (although I know it's the lawyer jokes that keeps D. John coming back).

Seaspray, I think you will enjoy the February interview.

JMB, I posted those pics just for you.

SeaSpray said...

Uh-O-h-h...should I wait with bated breath or trembling in uncertain anticipation? :)