Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Cookies for You

I’ve just spent the last 7 minutes lying on my bed, trying to zip up my new pair of jeans. Now I’ve got them zipped, but not buttoned. They are the same brand, size and style that I’ve always worn, but obviously Levi’s is trying to save a few pennies by using less fabric in the manufacturing of their jeans. It has thrown the sizing all out of whack. It couldn’t be that I’ve been eating like a little piggie for the last six weeks. I’ve been working so much that I haven't been eating regular meals. Eating junk food is easier and faster than eating right. And now it’s Girl Scout cookie season. Damn Girl Scouts and their cookies.


Lynn Price said..., no, no. You had it right the first time. Levi's are part of a vast fat-winged conspiracy and are using less fabric. Bastids. They hit my jeans as well.

Doc's Girl said...

My weakness is ice cream.

I know that Skinny Cow stuff is like 120 calories per serving but it doesn't help when I scarf down 3 (or 4...or 5...) ice cream sandwiches. :-D hehe...

5 more days till we go home! YAY! :) Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. :-P

jmb said...

Perhaps they were wrongly marked MBA. Obviously it has nothing to do with you and your terrible diet.

Those Girl Scouts can keep their cookies. I think they are too sweet and yucky. On the other hand, chocolate, dark and expensive. Now we are talking.

You can get liposuction with your overtime pay.

make mine trauma said...

Don't worry, Wrangler is doing the same thing with their jeans.

tk said...

I hear the crumbs don't have any calories . . . ;o)

Fat Doctor said...

Every single one of my clothing manufacturers has done the same thing - shrinking their sizes to save pennies per item, but not passing the savings on to me. Even Lane Bryant doesn't have anything that'll fit me anymore. Now, I know I'm fat, but this is ridiculous, all those industry types ganging up on me. Ridiculous.

I have jury duty tomorrow. As a lawyer, you should appreciate that.

Medblog Addict said...

Hi y'all. Thanks for stopping by. I didn't realize how widespread this problem was. Something should be done about it...and it shouldn't involve eating less and exercizing more.

You know, Girl Scout cookies are not my first choice either, but I swear we must have 5 cases at work and they are just sitting out on the counter waiting to be eaten.

Yay!Yay!Yay! DG gets to go home. I don't see how y'all survived the winter there. I would have never left the house.

I didn’t know that about the crumbs having no calories, but I did hear that if you broke the cookie in half, all of the calories would fall out.

FD, here’s my tip for getting out of jury duty. Look the attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants in the eyes. Smile at them. Lean forward in your chair and look really interested in the case. Make it look like you really, really want to be picked to sit on the jury. Neither party will want you on the jury. Someone who wants to be on the jury that bad is undesirable. At least that’s what I hear. Although, if you have the time, getting picked for the jury is a good thing. You get to see the legal system at work. Good luck.

Doc's Girl said...

MA, You are correct--we hardly left the icky condo. :)