Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yes, Dammit. It's Another Quiz

I’ve decided the weekends here at ATM will be devoted to fun stuff, quizzes, timekillers, etc. I’ll save the, umm, substantive, well thought out, creative posts for weekdays. Yep, that probably means you won’t see anything posted during the week. But enough of that, here’s the latest quiz I took.

It looks like if I ever get stuck on the moon, my ass will be grass.

These are the instructions they give you:

Imagine you are returning to the base ship on the sunlit side of the moon after carrying out a 72-hour exploration trip. Your small spacecraft has crash-landed about 200 miles from the base ship. You need to reach the base ship. In addition to your spacesuit, you were able to salvage the items listed below. Using what you know about the moon, rate each item in the list according to how important it would be in getting you back to the base ship.

4 packages of food concentrate
20m nylon rope
1 portable heating unit
1 magnetic compass
1 box of matches
1 first-aid kit
2 50-kg tanks of oxygen
20 L of water
1 star chart
1 case of dehydrated milk
2 45-caliber pistols, loaded
1 solar-powered radio set
3 signal flares
1 large piece of insulating fabric
1 flashlight

On the results page, they explain how NASA would have prioritized these items. [And no, I don't believe everything I read on the Internet, but it's just a fun quiz, poophead.]

Here are my results.


Your score: 32%
Letter Grade: F
You Failed!

Oh, so you think you could do better than a 32%, huh? Well, take your own quiz here.

[Okay, you probably will do better than me. I sorta didn't read that nice little scenario at the top until I cut and pasted it here so I could write this post. I guess this explains why I get told to RTFD a lot at work. I will say that I got the first two items right. And I identified the least useful item. It was just those 12 items in the middle that messed me up.]

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