Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Journeys

I’ve been writing this post for weeks, maybe months. I keep coming back to it, never publishing it. I’m not sure why.

Right now I am following the personal journeys of two doctors. One doctor is writing about her family of three learning how to be a family of four. Dr. Au just brought a new baby home and she makes me laugh out loud reading about things like poop. You know, “Mack had a poop today after which the only recourse I had was to just dump him straight into the bath. And then throw out all his clothes. And then move to a new house.” I love seeing a new blog post and can’t wait to read the next chapter, poop and all.

The other doctor writes about a family of five, who will inevitably have to learn how to live as a family of four. Dr. Smak and her husband write courageous blog posts about their four year old son, Henry, and his battle with cancer. I love seeing there’s a new post on their respective blogs, but I hold my breath, praying that when I open it, I will read a post about how Henry had another great day.

2/25/09 -- My heart is breaking tonight for Dr. Smak and her family...