Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not Your Usual Lolcats

For when you're not in the mood for cheezburgers. Trollcats.

They describe the site as "Definitely offensive. Possibly funny." Definitely not for everyone, but some pictures made me laugh.

I still like cheezburgers better.


Amanda said...

Yeah, something about an LOL cat... although the youngest of my feline trio today almost did a sky walk after he ricocheted off my desk, then my computer chair, then my head in hot pursuit of some invisible mousie.

NOT a happy catslave. Plus, the twit gave me a headache.

ShrinkingDoc said...

Love those. I have a cat who could pose for that first one. She always looks cranky.

jmb said...

Lol cats annoy me just a tad, to be honest. Maybe I will like troll cats better.:)