Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Doesn't Make Them Biscuits

I get a lot of spam comments. I know they shouldn't bother me, but I really hate seeing spam comments on my blog. Since I can’t take care of blog business on a daily basis right now, I’ve been moderating comments on posts older than 4 days. I normally just hit the "Reject" button, but for some reason I opened this one. I'm glad I did because it made me laugh:

The author of has written an excellent article. You have made your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not argue with: Just because you put kittens in the doesn't make them biscuits. Thanks for the info.

“Just because you put kittens in the doesn't make them biscuits.” I'd never heard that before and it just cracked me up. Plus it reminds me of something a guy I once dated used to say: "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit." (Yes, my taste in men has improved, thank you very much.)

It starts out like one of the more common spam comments, but it doesn’t have the obligatory link to some crappy website that you’d be a fool to click on, so I published it. I just don't know what the hell it has to do with my post on knife wounds.


Amanda said...

I don't moderate my comments officially, but I check my inbox daily to see if old posts (especially ones about stopping smoking) have spam ads in them. Then I write nasty prefaces to the blog entries and remove the advertisements.

eh, it amuses me.

Alex Stoker said...

I guess that's a bit like Wellington remarking that puppies born in a stable are not horses...although he was talking about his own Irish ancestry. Do you think this analogy can be applied to anything that isn't a biscuit and fits in an oven?

SeaSpray said...

Are you watching Survivor..heroes and villains? Excellent this season!

Where are you??

Medblog Addict said...

Hi SeaSpray. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I started to respond, then got called away, and forgot to come back.

I don't watch Survivor anymore. I still watch Amazing Race. And I will be watching Celebrity Apprentice when it starts next week.

Michele Stapleton said...

There are plugins you can install that will automatically deal with span. I have a wordpress blog and use Akismet and Bad Behavior to filter spam comments. They work wonderfully. You might want to see if those two work for blogger or if there is something similar.

FWIW, I found your blog searching for that saying. It's big where I live (Maine) and I wanted to quote it back to someone. Thanks for helping me out!