Friday, May 18, 2007

Eight Things About Me

Here are the rules: Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. Write a post about your own random things. Post these rules. At the end of your blog, tag 8 people and post their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged.

Okay, I said I wasn’t going to do another meme thing after the “5 weird things about me” meme, but I am so desperate for something to post about, I am going to accept DisappearingJohn’s challenge. Here are 8 random facts/habits about me.

1. I love to watch television, only I can never find time to sit down and watch an entire show. So I have over 50 hours of shows recorded and waiting to be watched. Not only that, I have had the same three movies from NetFlix since January. I know, I know. I just hate to send them back unwatched.

2. Tulips are my favorite flowers. Every day during tulip season, I have a vase of tulips in my office and my bedroom.

3. I have a real garden now, but when I lived in an apartment, I grew corn, brussel sprouts, watermelon and pumpkins on my patio. They weren’t for eating, I just wanted to see if I could grow them in containers on my patio. They never really blossomed into real fruits and vegetables, but they did pretty good.

4. I am not the type to get anything pierced or tattooed, so when I get in one of my restless moods, I usually do something to my hair. I am now a blonde, thanks to my recent case of spring fever. Okay, not exactly earthshaking, but the partners would frown on anything more colorful.

5. I never buy greeting cards more than 1-2 days in advance. This goes back to the 8th grade, when my boyfriend dumped me for that slut JoAnn two weeks before Valentine’s Day. It would have been my first Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend and I bought cards weeks in advance. I am now superstitious and will not buy cards early, believing that something will happen to the relationship or the person I am buying the card for.

6. If it were practical, I would have a house full of cats and dogs. We do not have any pets right now, but I am looking for a kitten to adopt. I have had two puppies (at different times) since leaving my parents’ house. Both puppies ended up being raised by my parents. Not because I was a bad dog mother, it’s just that I wasn’t home enough to give them the love and attention they deserved. My parents have already said that I can’t do that with my kids (if I ever have any).

7. I do not sing in public. EVER. I have the world’s worst singing voice.

8. My nails (fingers and toes) must be perfectly manicured at all times. I hate it when they don't look nice. I never wear nail polish on my fingernails; they are always buffed. Toenails are always a shade of red; never any other color. And since I never mastered the art of the home manicure, I spend an inordinate amount of time and money at the “Nail Place”. (ok, I cheated. I ran out of things to say so I borrowed this from my weird meme post).

Umm. Would anyone like to volunteer to be tagged?

5/18/07 9:00 p.m. Okay, there seems to be a misunderstanding. Leaving a comment doesn't mean you are volunteering to be tagged. Gees, I wouldn't do that. But I am now "officially" tagging Amanda.

5/20/07 9:30 p.m. Consider yourself tagged Lynn Price. And congratulations on the IPPY award!

And thanks to MomWTTM for volunteering to be tagged.


Anonymous said...

I, for one, are glad you played...

I like the greeting card one... Makes you seem just as psychotic as the rest of us!

jmb said...

Well I don't want to be tagged but I'm glad you are posting about something since we miss you.

It looks like you and I are going to have a lot of spare time on our hands at the rate our favourite medblogs are disappearing.

I like the greeting card one too. When my first child was born I did not have any clothes ready, I made my husband a list and he had to run out and buy them. A friend had had a stillborn child before this and she said the saddest thing was putting away the little clothes.

I wasn't so paranoid with the second one.

Sid Schwab said...

I, on the other hand, sing at every opportunity. Not only do I love it, I've been told I have a good voice. My preferred music in the OR is..... me. I once brought in a karaoke tape I'd made and everyone said it was great, BEFORE knowing it was me.... At least I think they didn't know....

Amanda said...

Re: television. One way I catch up on my TV addiction is reading the recaps at It's not the same as watching, but it helps, and the recaps are deliciously snarky.

Re: cats. I had no cats. Within the space of three months, I had three cats. They will take over your life. I advise multiple cat trees, scratching posts, and some of that nifty double-sided tape to protect your furniture.

I figure by posting in the comments we're volunteering to be tagged. But I have to be officially tagged, or I'll weasel out.

-former legal secretary, current medblog addict

Your Mother said...

I was so inspired, I tagged myself!

Medblog Addict said...

Thanks for volunteering Mom.

Hey PJ -- are you ok?

Amanda said...

Okay, 'tis done! No weaseling here :)

may said...

you didn't particularly tag me, but i played the same game, tagged by others.

thanks for the link...i linked you back.

by the way, are you really? addicted to medblogs i mean? just curious :)

Lynn Price said...

WHAT? You didn't tag me? That's it. I'm going to Rio alone and taking the mai tai mix with me. Raul, the sexy Brazilian who offered to slather you up with fresh Dannon yogurt will now be my cabana boy. Pooh on you.

Hey, I'll share one thing even though I'm not tagged. My book won an IPPY
- a veddy hoo ha book award. I ought to go over and tell Panda , but I'm not sure he's talking to me yet. What a freaking trouble maker I am. Well, not as big as you...!

Bo... said...

I can sympathize. I sing so hideously, that it makes people cringe. But I love to sing as I work/play or whatever.

My sister is such a smart-aleck about it. If I even START to sing ONE note, she has one of the following comments:

"Can you sing solo? So low...that I can't hear you?"

"Can you sing 'Far Far Away'? Like in the next state?"

The Angry Medic said...

Right. Uhm, before I start commenting sensibly, permit me my little indiscretion:


*wheeze wheeze*

Right. Firstly, sorry I haven't dropped by in so long (exams are a bummer). And secondly, I couldn't help seeing you watching The Apprentice when I read that 2nd one. I'd just heard the news before reading your comment at my place. OMG looks like the last season DID suck so badly that they axed it. End of an era, it is. (Well, except for here in the UK, where it's still going strong. You should watch our version sometime, see what you think of it.)

And you like kitties too? AWWW they're so schweet aren't they?

Uhm. Ahem. The above must not be miscontrued in any way to mean that I am anything less than the most macho stud on the planet. Cough.

I'll, um, be going now.

Be back soon MA!

Medblog Addict said...

Thanks for your comments. And a special thanks to May because you have given me something to write about.

Anonymous said...

You have the second worst singing voice . . . I don't think anyone's singing voice is worse than mine! lol

. . . bummer about Flea. :o(

911DOC said...

sorry, counselor, didn't see you had already been tagged. hope you like the joke anyhow.

codeblog said...

We finally cancelled our netflix after having 3 unwatched movies sitting around since *October.*

Just no time to watch them.

Medblog Addict said...

That makes me feels better. I plan to watch them this weekend. (Of course, that's what I've been saying every weekend since January.)