Thursday, June 28, 2007

Embarrassing Typo

I thought maybe if I confess this on my anonymous blog, I will get it out of my system and stop cringing every time I think about what I did.
Last night I brought a file home so I could work on a letter that needed to be faxed to the client first thing this morning. The letter that was faxed this morning to our single, extremely handsome Banker Client included the following sentence:
If the panties opposing removal do not respond in a timely manner, . . .
The “r” and the “n” are not even close to each other on the keyboard. How could I have typed panties? Aw, shit. My face is still red.
(sorry, I lost your comments when I took this post down the first time.)


> ScutMonkey said...

The questions remains.... "If the panties opposing removal do not respond in a timely manner...." then what? What do we do about the panties? Is there some way we can arbitrate an agreement with the panties?

jmb said...

I think this is one of the funniest things you have posted MBA. Worthy of an R rating. Removal of panties (well the opposition of said in this case) should definitely be a separate category.
What do you bet he didn't even notice?
So did you re-fax a corrected version or let it stand?

Medblog Addict said...

SM--you are so funny. You should try two negotiating tools that never fail--sweet talk and/or liquor...well, they always seem to work on me.

JMB--Banker sent me a funny e-mail with the letter attached. I immediately faxed him a new letter. He swore he would throw the first letter away, but I don't know.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Truly priceless. Link being forwarded to my dear old dad, almost 80 and still in practice.

Doc's Girl said...

See...? Your inner pervert is just dying to get out. :)

I have a "video clip" of me dancing on my page, by the way...:)

(I NEVER it's funny. :))

Lynn Price said...

Oh sure, MA, you SAY it was a mistake, but please...handsome banker client? Hmm...I'm bettin' your Freudian slip is showing. You gonna get that hemmed or what?

Anonymous said...

LMAO--I even have tears rolling down my face! That sounds like something I would do . . . (see email for the other half, lol)

Anonymous said...

LOL, that was nipple!

Anonymous said...

oh, did I type "nipple"... I meant hilarious, LOL.

Amanda said...

Panties are better than what I did.

I was typing up a contract for the firm I work for. The client is a governmental entity. A county, to be specific.

I left out the "O" in county.


Anonymous said...

*laughing so hard*

I am so glad you posted this. I have done some good ones but never quite like this.

amanda, yours is awesome too.

Oh, wait...a frequent one of mine is forgetting the "f" in "shift" as people do work shifts in my workplace.

"So when you work your..."