Monday, August 27, 2007

Amanda Gets Meme’d

As promised, as payback for questioning my womanhood, I am tagging Amanda with every meme that I see. The first meme will be the Eight Things meme that Not Nurse Ratched tagged me with. (I am attending nursing school vicariously through NNR. What's funny is, when the experienced nurses leave advice for NNR, I read every word, just like I am going to need it the next day in class).

I’ve already done this Eight Things meme before, but since I don’t have anything else to write about, I am going to do it again. I’m adding a twist, though. I can’t recall where I first saw this, but one of the eight things listed is false. Which one?

1. I am in love with two men.

2. I love trashy television shows. I stopped watching/recording shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, etc. because of a lack of time, yet I haven’t missed an episode of Big Brother this summer. I am also watching Rock of Love on VH-1, where slutty girls are competing to be Bret Michaels’ girlfriend. I love Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen and I can’t wait for Project Runway to begin. I have never seen an episode of American Idol, but was almost involved in a lawsuit against the production company, etc. I also watch As the World Turns, but it’s recorded and I’m only on May, so don’t tell me what has been going on. I also watch QVC (shopping channel).

3. In college, I won a drinking contest involving beer and tequila. Afterwards, I immediately puked my guts out in the ladies’ room, my date holding my hair back the whole time. Funny, he said he would call me the next day, but it’s been years and I still haven’t heard from him.

4. In my short career as a lawyer, I have made two people cry in court. The most recent occurrence happening last week. I have mixed feelings about being a lawyer, which may explain why I felt nothing when the man started crying, but I felt sickened when my boss and my fellow associates gave me a hero’s welcome when I returned to the office (two lawyers who were in the courtroom when it happened called my boss to tell him about it). One day I will have to write about how it feels to be the only woman lawyer in a firm of 15 lawyers.

5. I keep an extra suit in my office because (i) I may end up having to go to Court on a day when I am wearing jeans; and (ii) no matter how careful I am, I am always dropping food down the front of my shirt, dress, etc. and may need to change clothes. Which leads me to this next thing: I hate it when men are talking to me and I see their eyes wander down to my boobs. I immediately look down, thinking they are looking at something I have spilled on my shirt.

6. My five-year old nephew has been to more foreign countries than I have. He always brings me back a souvenir, usually something he likes and won’t let me play with.

7. I have never seen the movie “Gone With the Wind”.

8. I am one of those people who never make up their beds. I live with a man who cannot leave the house with the bed unmade. I have actually seen him make up the bed in a hotel room before we left. That’s just twisted.

Okay, Amanda, get busy. List 8 things about you, one of which is false. I won’t tag anyone else, I will just call for volunteers (and no, leaving a comment does not mean you are volunteering). Let me know if you do the meme, and I will link you. I’m sure my other 14 readers would like to see what you have to say.

Oh yeah, “Amanda Gets Meme’d” will be a regular Monday post. If I can’t find a meme, I will make one up for her (and any volunteers).

Update: Amanda has completed Meme #1. And thanks to Doc's Girl for volunteering. Great job, girls. Volunteers are still being accepted.


scalpel said...

I hate it when I'm talking to a woman and she self-consciously (subconsciously?) adjusts her jacket to partially cover her boobs. Many many women do this move, perhaps without even realizing it.

It's not because I want to look at their boobs....heck, even matronly old women perform this maneuver, probably out of a lifetime of boob-hiding habit, and I certainly don't want to look at their boobs.

It's because when I see them do that, it makes me wonder, did I just glance at your boobs? I don't think I did, but you are now making ME feel self-conscious, wondering if you think I was trying to sneak a peek just south of your chin.

Than that little dialogue runs through my head, and I forget what we were talking about. Almost as if I was dreaming about your boobs.

Which I wasn't. Really.

#1 Dinosaur said...

1. I think this one is false.

2. Goodness, you really are bored.

3. Maybe if you hadn't let your date into the Ladies' room he would have called.

4. Please please please write about how it feels to be the only woman lawyer in a firm of 15.

5. It isn't your boobs they're looking at. It's the food you dropped on your boobs. Men are much more interested in food than boobs. They look at boobs because it makes them think of food. Quit dropping food on your boobs and they'll stop looking at them.

6. Ask him to bring you chocolate. Then again, he'd probably just eat it.

7. As God is my witness, you aren't missing a thing; though it's not like I give a damn (frankly.)

8. That's just gross. How can you get back into a bed at night that isn't crisply made up? Does your mother know? She should be wagging her finger at you.

Medblog Addict said...

Y'all are so funny. I don't mind men admiring my rack, I just don't like them making me think I'm walking around with food on my shirt.

Carver said...

You crack me up. I have the food issue too. My problem is I assume they are looking at my stomach and wondering how someone as old as me could be pregnant. The good part is at my age when I was walking and someone actually congratulated me on my pregnancy, I was flattered that they thought I was young enough to have a baby. Fun post. I am looking forward to your post about being the only female lawyer in a firm with 15 lawyers.

Doc's Girl said...


I think you should write about your job, too....I'm sure you have lots to talk about!!! I never made my bed either until the bf and I started living together. I guess one of the only reasons I do it is because it instantly cleans up the room a bit. :)

(I'm going to try to do the meme since I'll be at the dentist and then probably in bed afterwards. :-P)

Amanda said...

ROFL! I'll get it done and up, girl. Just depends on how much of this "work" thing my bosses expect out of me today.

I can't figure out which one of yours is false. I'll go with No. 1. Because it's the easy choice. And obviously wrong, LOL.

may said...

okay, they both know you love them?

as for not making the bed...well, there are two kinds of people: htose who make their beds and those who don't. usually, fate brings them together :)

Medblog Addict said...

I wasn't going to say this because it makes me sound kinda weird, but y'all don't know me, so what the hell. I can identify with what Scalpel is saying because there have been times when I am talking to women and they have adjusted their jackets, sweaters, etc. And I think that they think I am looking at their boobs. Only, I am. It's like that Seinfeld episode--if cleavage is there, you're gonna look at it. But it doesn't mean I want to touch waht I see. Uhh, I like men. A lot. I think I'd better get back to work now.

Oh yeah, Scalpel. I think this means that you really are looking at their boobs, you just don't realize it:)

May--If that were a true statement, and I'm not saying that it is, both would know, but only one would know about the other. Of course, I would never stray because then I would have to make my own bed, and then lie in it.

Thanks for the comments. Y'all are great.

Now I'm really going back to work.

Amanda said...

Okay, ATM.... mine is up.

It's short, sweet, and has a condom mention.

Doc's Girl said...

I'm done with the meme, too...and I told the truth about "curry." :-P

Also...I'm guilty of boob staring, too. Sometimes, you just can't avoid it! The worst is when your bf catches you and snickers... *sigh*

I'm getting help, I swear.


scalpel said...

Is it getting warm in here?

Amanda said...

*raising hand* Guilty of the boob staring as well.

Poor Scalpel.

SeaSpray said...

Interesting and funny post and funny comments!

Ditto - with what they said - write about being the only woman.

If #1 were true "in love with 2" then obviously one is bf but the other....Hmm..has to be a blogging doc, but whooo-would-that-be?? :)

p.s. - I am feeling guilty because I am behind by 4 memes and I LIKE memes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I finally have internet access again . . . I've felt so . . . lost! Hmmmmm, I think number 1 is true. Like Seaspray, I think the other guy is a blogging doc! ;o) Untrue? I bet you are a fanatic about making your bed . . . and I don't think you are living with anyone!

Lynn Price said...

Oh what marvelous therapy. I thought I was the only one who looked at boobs. For instance, I met my daughter in law for the first time last Thanksgiving (yeah, don't ask), and she was flatter than a pancake. Son and d-i-l came out last month, and those puppies had grown to a size 38D. WTF, I ask myself, these kids don't have money for saline slinkies. Daughter busted me - it was probably my jaw in my lap that did it. All I could do is plead horrified fascination. Then again, defying gravity tends to do that to me.

jmb said...

Hey MBA,
But which one is false? I'm late having been internetless for a few days.
Yep, I agree also with Seaspray about No 1.
Great answers to the meme and very funny cartoon for the lawyer joke.