Monday, August 20, 2007

Dr. August is . . . #1 Dinosaur

Dr. Dino was one of the first medbloggers to link to Addicted to Medblogs. A link from Musings of a Dinosaur meant that people might actually start reading what I wrote—and that scared the crap out of me. I sent Dino an e-mail saying I didn’t know whether to say “thank you for the link” or “screw you for ruining my life.” Thus began my blogging relationship with Dino. In the beginning, I would ask Dino’s opinion about one of my posts and Dino would e-mail back with encouragement and praise. Now (at my request) Dino responds by telling me to get over myself and just publish the damn post. Of course, I asked for Dino’s opinion when I first considered doing the Calendar Doc posts.

Here’s our interview:

Q1: Every time I look at your Avatar, I picture you as a cranky old man. Are you a cranky old man?

A1: I'd say yes to two out of three on that one.

Q2: Name three medbloggers that you would want to be stranded on a deserted island with.

A2: I have to pick only three? Now that's tough. I've made a lot of friends since starting this whole blog thing. I'd start with Dr. Dork; I haven't seen him since he dropped out of sight -- er, made his blog invitation only (and won't respond to my request to be invited), so we'd have a lot of catching up to do. Besides, as an Aussie, he talks funny, which would be entertaining. Second, I'd take Lynn Price, because as a Reiki master she could communicate with other Rieki masters regardless of distance and call a boat to come rescue us when we're done chitchatting (and catching up with Dr. Dork.) Finally, I'd invite the Tundra PA, as long as it was the depths of winter. I'm sure she'd enjoy a little break from the frigid tundra, especially if it was a nice deserted island in the Caribbean someplace.

Q3: Tell us how you felt on your first day of that weird class, you know, the one where you learn to cut up dead people. [feel free to revise this if i am being insensitive--MA] [no problem; insensitivity is part of your charm--Dino]

A3: I thought, "Damn, this place smells really bad." Also, cut muscle looks a lot like chicken, so I lost my appetite for chicken, at least until Gross Anatomy was over.

Q4: In one of your posts you wrote:

. . . I gained a passing familiarity with other staples of cable, including my spouse's favorite: Food Network. . . . and the Iron Chefs (both American and Japanese; our favorite pastime is making up and lip-synching our own X-rated commentary on the latter) are now familiar personages to me, as is the format of watching professional cookery in progress. (emphasis added)

Give us an example of that Iron Chef “X-rated commentary.”

A4: Favorite spoof theme ingredient: "Battle....BULL NUTS!" Sample commentary: (twittery Japanese actress): Oh, I can just feel my nipples standing up against this tight silk blouse.

Q5: Where did you go to med school?

A5: University of California, La Brea Medical School.

Q6: I read where medical students get the diseases they are learning about. Tell me about all of the diseases you “experienced” in medical school.

A6: While I was in med school I had appendicitis several times, a few brain tumors, and terminal carpal tunnel syndrome.

Q7: Your father is a lawyer. Did you give any thought to going to law school?

A7: No. Despite what he would tell you, I don't enjoy arguing as much as he does.

Q8: Death row inmates get to choose their last meal before being executed. What would your last meal consist of?

A8: My last meal would be a very rare filet mignon (take the meat to the grill, let it see the flame for a few seconds, then bring it to me); two lobsters (with drawn butter of course), a Caesar salad from California Pizza Kitchen, and one pound of Godiva chocolate (dark, of course.)

Q9: How did you discover the medblogs? What was the first medblog you ever read?

A9: I've been blogging for almost exactly one year, and at this point I can honestly reply that -- for the life of me -- I can't remember how I got started, much less who I read first. It must be that age-related memory thing.
[I think Dr. Dino is purposely avoiding answering this question, which can only mean one thing: Dino was Googling porn and ended up at Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice! MA]

Q10: Obviously, from your picture, you prefer blue scrubs. Are you hiding any tattoos or piercings under those scrubs?

A10: Who wants to know? And if I show mine, will they show me theirs?

Q11: You seem to have a habit of taking new bloggers under your wing. Am I the only blogger who still e-mails you on a regular basis asking for your opinion on a post that I am about to publish, or asking you if something I've written is offensive?

A11: I don't know about taking new bloggers under my wing (pterodactyl wings are pretty flimsy; not much room) but there are several bloggers I'm friends with and email with regularly "off the blogs."

Q12: Speaking of my insecurities. Why am I so insecure with my blogging? And what is this thing on my arm? Is this skin cancer? Why does my leg hurt when I do this? Does this look swollen to you? I burp a lot, why is that? Assuming dinosaurs party, are you inundated with health related questions when people find out that you are a physician? Do you ever hesitate telling people what you do for a living?

A12: I haven't a clue; a spider bite; not yet; because it doesn't bend that way; yes; because you talk too much; we do; yes; no.

Q13: It might surprise my readers to learn that you talk like a sailor. Where did you learn to swear like that?

A13: How the #$%^$#@ do you expect me to answer that #$%&%$@# question!

Photo: Dino at work (no matter how much I begged, Dino refused to take off the scrub top--my guess is tattoos, lots and lots of tattoos).

Photo credit: Google images (that's all the info I have)


Doc's Girl said...

LOL...Another wonderful interview! :) I had to adjust my eyes on the silk blouse comment...:) :)

(Thank you for saying blue scrubs, by the way. :-P The bf still thinks they are green. Blah.)

Anonymous said...


Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Great interview!

Carver said...

Fun interview and I like the picture.

Anonymous said...

"[I think Dr. Dino is purposely avoiding answering this question, which can only mean one thing: Dino was Googling porn and ended up at Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice! MA]"

LOL!! Loved the interview. :)

SeaSpray said...

Great smile Dino Doc but are the patients ever intimidated by your teeth? :)

Regarding Dino Doc's not removing his scrub top..maybe you know..coax him a bit. Just bat your eyelashes and say, "I will if YOU will." Then snap the pic and run like heck!

Sorry Dino Doc but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! ;)

Fun interview!

Maybe we could all go over to Dino Doc's b-i-l's for one of those exquisite meals! ;)

#1 Dinosaur said...

(modestly batting eyes)

Thanks for letting me play, MA. Lots of fun.

You're right about how I got started: I was trying to google porn, but I actually ended up at Eneman over on Respectful Insolence.

Lynn Price said...

So, like, Meddy Addy, why didn't you put out a warning like: GET YOUR ASTRONUT DIAPERS PROPERLY IN PLACE BEFORE READING! You owe me a new chair, you ambulance chaser.

Dino, I'm honored that you want me on that stranded island with you. But what makes you think I want to be rescued? You seen my desk this week? It's covered in manuscript submissions. Forget the voodoo, I'm staying put. And pass me the mai tai, willya?

Sid Schwab said...

Good choice. Personally, I don't care much one way or the other about the scrub top. I'm just glad for the bottoms.

And by the way, that DOES look swollen.

Ambulance Driver said...

LOL...hilarious interview!

Dr. Val said...

Great interview... enjoyed getting to know the man behind the Dinosaur!

Lynn Price said...

enjoyed getting to know the man behind the Dinosaur!
You mean the woman, right?

make mine trauma said...

That was great! Worth waiting for.
So, is true what they say about big feet and a long tail? ;>)


....enjoyed getting to know the man behind the Dinosaur!
You mean the woman, right?

If this is true, I respectfully retract the question!?

The Tundra PA said...

Outstanding! I haven't laughed so much in ages. And Dino, thanks for inviting me to your dessert island, I'd love hanging out with you and lynn and Dr. Dork! Great photo of you, BTW. Blue is your color!

Doc's Girl said...

Thanks for the compliment, MA. :)

All the little touches I made on the blog were when I was sick a few days ago. I was reading some of your old entries and chuckling at the one about how you are very detail oriented about your blog. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist--like my new heading. It looks simple but I put a bunch together. :-P

Unfortunately, I still can't figure out why KevinMD's link isn't working for me. :( Ah well, but thanks for letting me know. Maybe his blog is invite only? I can't figure it out. Blah.

jmb said...

My previous comment seems to have disappeared, so trying again.
Great job MBA, I love the image, the interview and the Fingers and Tubes in every Orifice quote by you.
Do we not hear from you for another month?

Amanda said...

Totally worth waiting for... excellent!

Anonymous said...


Mauigirl said...

Fantastic interview and writeup! Hysterical!

The Tundra PA said...

Hey MA--finally got off my duff and linked you and posted about you. May your sitemeter go crazy! *wink*

Vijay said...

Hilarious. I found you through TPA's blog, which I visited after a long time today. Adding you to my blogroll & Bloglines.