Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So Much Cooler Online

I don’t know if y’all know this, but in my mind, y’all are all good-looking. Men, women, young, old, whatever. Why would I picture someone ugly in my head when I’m reading your medblogs, when it’s just as easy to picture someone hot? And male. It's not just me, though. I know there are a few others out there who are always crushing on one or more of the medblog docs. (I was going to link y'all, but damn, you ER nurses are intimidating.)

Every time I hear this Brad Paisley song, I think of my blog. Yes, I like country music and I'm not apologizing. For you bloggers that can't stomach country, you still might find this video kinda funny. Jason Alexander is in it, and William Shatner, and Marcia Brady, and George's mom from Seinfeld.

Okay, this is my last post with a video, quiz, etc. I am actually going to try to write something this week.

And yes, I know this video has been out for months; I am just now getting around to writing about it.


Carver said...

I'm glad you posted that because it's new to me. Too funny. I changed my profile pic because I got sick of seeing my face. I figured I'd try my feet for a while. Too late for me to create a whole new image but it does get old being me. I participate in an online melanoma support group and although a lot of us have pictures on melasuckanoma, people that don't know about that and just post on the board don't know what anyone looks like. After about two months of chatting with a woman on the MPIP, she realized I was a woman (she thought I was a man although I'm not sure why). She posted in all caps, Carver is a woman and then said all that time she thought I was a sensitive man. I thought one of the medbloggers was female for the longest time, I won't say who, until I realized he was a man. It isn't always easy to tell.

Take care, Carver

Mauigirl said...

It was new to me too! I loved it! I'm a big Star Trek fan so the Spock ears in the one scene cracked me up. And of course Shatner was great, as was Jason Alexander.

Anonymous said...

I really didn't care for country music. The girls at work all liked it but guess who had the CD/Radio....Tee Hee Hee. So three days of week we listened to Old Rock n Roll. One of the girls took me to a country concert. Alan Jackson, Brooks and Dunn and Jason Michael Carroll were playing. We had so much fun. Well that made me change it to Country three days and two Rock n Roll. Then a guy I was dating was all into country...He was from Texas. He bought me the sound track for Pure Country and The Best of Alan Jackson. Well now we listen to country all day long.
But this Song..So Much Cooler Online...I love it. I have never seen this video..Thanks for sharing. Plus the fact that I am on one of those online dating services. So I think a lot of the guys are just like this guy.
Again, thanks for sharing.

jmb said...

I'm a beautiful dog, young too, online. Well except for my profile. Just ignore that. Maybe I'll change it and say nubile young female, 25 years old, no, too young, 35 is better.
I don't like country music but I liked this, so thanks.

I posted a video today with a very hot Italian singer. Check it out MBA.

Are you actually going to post a Dr November retroactively? she asks hopefully.

SeaSpray said...

Fun video and I like your Christmas decorating. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hey Ma.-I remember that you posted once that you like red nail polish and I recently found one that I have fallen in love with-seriously. it's by OPI and called No Autographs Please. It reminds me of red Christmas foil wrapping paper and nails look like sparking red rubies in the sunlight. I could picture Dorothy having to click her red ruby shoes looking like this. Love it! Love it! Sooo pretty!! Ok and it just now occurs to me that maybe I should have e-mailed this. delete accordingly...but check out the polish. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, you say the post is about your readers and then it is all Marcia, Marcia, Marcia ;)

Medblog Addict said...

Ok Carver, now I'm curious, who did you think was a woman? You can e-mail me, it's probably the same person I had questions about.

Mauigirl, I don't know what the deal is, but I cannot access your blog. But I did see enough to learn that you completed the blog a day thing. That's great!

Hi Kikifox, I heard the song on the radio and was going to write about it, and discovered the videow when I was looking for the lyrics. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

JMB, yes there will be a Dr. November, I'm just not sure when. And I will be working on Dr. December this weekend, so hopefully it will be up soon. I don't think you will be disappointed with the picture.

Hey Sprout. Thanks. I will have to check out the nail polish. I usually just get my fingernails buffed. I don't have a lot of time to take care of my nails, change colors, etc. Plus I never seem to make it home without messing up at least one nail, so I just decided to get them buffed. Also have to keep them fairly short (me, trying to look professional. LOL) But anything goes with the toes.

Tabitharuth, you made my day. That just cracked me up. Thanks for commenting.

tk said...

LMAO--I love it! Hmmmm, is it too late to change my pic on my blog?

Hey, here's a new medblog that is definitely worth reading:

Go and say hi to Chris--a surgeon serving in Iraq . . .

Alex Stoker said...

What Ho MA!
Lookin forward to this guide of yours. I'm sure there'll be no need for out input; jus be sure to mention that we drink a lot of tea, and always with the little finger in extension... ;)
Joy of the season to ya


Anonymous said...

I've been mistaken for a girl before. It's funny, when I read one of my posts it's my voice in my head and it's so obvious that it's me, a guy. But if I reread it from the perspective of an outsider who has no idea who I am, then I can see how a lot of my blog is pretty gender neutral. FWIW.