Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wanted: Ethics

I am trying to complete my continuing legal education (CLE) requirements for 2007. I am doing it online. I actually registered to attend a "live" out-of-town seminar, but for the second straight year, something came up and it was decided that I shouldn't go. Yep, I am so important that I can't leave the freakin' premises for two days to attend a seminar. It's true, no one else around here can sit on their ass for hours on end researching crap like I can. And who else would they call on to attend a hearing at the last minute just because they "don't feel like going." But it's mighty nice of them to pay for the seminars anyway, even if I can't go.

We are required to rack up a certain number of CLE "ethics" hours. I had a hard time trying to find ethics hours in my area of practice, so I decided to be adventerous and look in the medical/health law sections. I saw some familiar names--HIPAA, EMTALA. Only one problem . . . none of the medical/health law seminars included ethics hours, so I had to settle for a nice seminar about legal malpractice. Only 3 more hours to go. This means I'm going to go home and listen to some old fart trial attorney talk about jury selection**. And then after he goes to bed, I'm going to find an online seminar so I can meet my CLE requirements.

[**For the record, I really do enjoy listening to him talk about his work.]


SeaSpray said...

It sounds interesting MA. May you breeze through the last 3 hours. :)

MedStudentGod (MSG) said...

Didn't know that lawyers had to take CLE much like doctors and their CME. See, we're not so different after all!

jmb said...

I'm glad it's not boring and you don't fall asleep. Too bad about the out of town seminar. All that networking.

make mine trauma said...

I had a hard time trying to find ethics hours in my area of practice,

Hmmmm......just what are you saying?