Monday, February 11, 2008

Hint for Dr. February

He's got a lot of s'plaining to do.


DermDoc said...

Just found your blog. I am surprised your number 47 too. I'd of had you in the top 25. I've added you to my young but growing blogroll.

Height 5'8"
Wt 165#
Chest 42"
Waist 29"
Bicep 15"
Just in case you ever needed any such info. (I leave this on all my commments).

Doc's Girl said...

MA - I like the heart...but I'm not leaving my measurments, no matter how much you pressure me.

I don't think this new requirement about commenting is fair. ;-)

Hehe... (Just kidding, just kidding. :-D)

tk said...

Hmmmmm, how old is he, and is he single? ;o)

Medblog Addict said...

Ah DermDoc, you are a sweet talker. Thanks for the stats and the blogroll; I've added you to mine. Funny, we have similar stats, only you are about 40 lbs heavier and have a bigger waist and biceps.

DG--I'm sure you are a really nice girl, but I'm more interested in stats like DermDocs. hee hee.

Hey TK, check out DermDoc. Not only is he hot, but from what I've read, derms are the best. Big bucks and normal working hours!

(I hope I haven't embarrassed you, DermDoc.)

DermDoc said...

You forgot to add "Plus you get free Botox."

Anonymous said...

I say it's Enrico, Mexico Medical Student.

But I also think we should keep DermDoc's card on file!!!! ;o) Never crush a volunteer's spirit. LOL!

tk said...

awww, he's married (looked at his blog) . . . but I'll take the free botox!!! ;o)

(and yes, he is HOT!)

Medblog Addict said...

That rascal.

Nope, Celeste, its not Enrico. This doc has been MIA for a while.

I'm a little disappointed no one got my joke (comparing my stats with Derm, thereby implying I have a 42" chest). I thought at least Doc's Girl would have caught it.

Doc's Girl said...

Hehe...I did get it, I just didn't comment on it. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess Charity doc. It would make my month, haha

EE said...

Where can one buy that cookie cutter?

Also, I changed my URL:

The two weeks on a trolley team said...

Er, I'd like to add a comment, but do I have to leave measurements?

Wouldn't wanna embarrass dermdoc, ya see ;)

Dr. Thunder

Medblog Addict said...

Em--I found it here: ER Stuff

I'm just passing the info on, I'm not making any endorsements. But let me know how it turns out.

Dr. Thunder, I ask so little of y'all...