Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Running with the Big Dogs . . . Not

Healthcare 100

A couple of days ago, I began to notice that in addition to my usual 15 (loyal, faithful) readers, I was getting 2-3 visitors from the Healthcare100 site. That was unusual, so I went on over there to check things out. I thought maybe they had a Bottom Dweller of The Week spot, and it was ATM's week.

Well, it turns out that a mistake has been made somewhere, probably Technorati, and ATM is now ranked Number 47.

So, welcome Healthcare100 visitors, if you are looking for a real top 50 medblog, take a look at my blogroll.

(I apologize to the real Number 47; I'm sure that the error will be corrected soon and all with be right with the blogosphere again. And thank you Healthcare100 for the listing, top 50 or top 500.)

**Calendar Watchers -- my ass has been getting whipped at work and I haven't had time to even come up with some questions (yes, I spend more than 15 minutes on the questions, smartass. I told y'all it takes me longer to come up with the questions than it does for the doctor to come up with the witty and amusing answers.) But it's a very special Valentine's edition, so it is worth the wait.


Carver said...

I'm looking forward to Dr. February. I hope work will stop interfering with your blogging.

jmb said...

It's a mystery, this rating thing. I have no idea how it works. I need to take Technorati 101. Still accept it gracefully, it may not happen again.

Worth the wait, you say. Naturally I'm on Calendar Watch but I'm not worried yet. You have another week to get it together.

Doc's Girl said...

You are so funny. :-P

Medblog Addict said...

Hi Carver. I miss reading the blogs. Hopefully, work will ease up in a few weeks.

JMB, the calendar is coming together. I think of you every time I'm trying to pick out the perfect Calendar Doc photo.

DG, I'm glad you get my sense of humor. When I post something like this, I'm always afraid someone will think I'm being serious.