Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cat Blogging Without the Cat

Everyone with g-mail knows that Google hires people to read your e-mail, then those people come up with “useful information and relevant ads” to display in the sidebar of your g-mail pages. Last week, I e-mailed a friend about how spring was in the air and told him all about how we had watched three possums getting frisky in our backyard (yep, my e-mails are as interesting as my blog). For some reason, that e-mail brought on a lot of cat ads. Either that, or the person assigned to read my g-mail can read minds and knows that as soon as I get some extra time, I’m going to get us a kitten.

Anyway, I saw this ad for PalmMeow on my sidebar, and had to click on it. It is a cat retirement home "in an exclusive tropical resort located in sunny south Florida.” PalmMeow
. . . provides cat owners a beautiful home like environment in which their cats can get lots of love and attention as they live out their final years after their owner is no longer able to care for them. Life long planning ensures that a cat owner will know exactly where their cats will live, what services their pets will receive and that all their needs will be cared for through the placement of their cats at Palm Meow, Inc. It’s a home away from home where s/he can get lots of individualized attention, have a room or a cat condo all their own and enjoy a chance to go outdoors in a screened enclosed area.
My first thought was that’s crazy. But then after thinking about it, I realized that if I had money coming out the wazoo, I’d want to spend it on sending my cat to Florida after I died. I’ve already downloaded the application for when I get a cat. It’s never too early to start planning for your cat’s retirement, you know.

My Favorite Cat Videos


jmb said...

Two very good reasons not to get a cat IMHO.

make mine trauma said...

I love Simon's kitty. That is just how my cat tries to wake me up in the AM......minus the bat of course.

THW said...

The fact that something like that cat retirement home even exists amazes me. No wonder every other country in the world hates us. Or at least talks bad about us to other countries behind our backs.

Mauigirl said...

Love those videos. I'd seen the second one before (so true!) but not the "let me in" one. Also so true! This man definitely owns that cat!

I like the idea of a cat retirement home. People do need to think about what might happen to their pets if they moved on to the next world.

My mom and aunt, both in their late 80's, each have a cat. I hae a feeling they would both be our cats if anything happened! (We have one of our own already).

SeaSpray said...'ve been tagged and invited to play. :)