Friday, April 04, 2008


After my last post, I promised myself that I wouldn’t use the f-word unless it was really called for, and I wouldn’t post any more videos and/or quizzes until I wrote a few real posts. I really miss writing for my blog, plus I find it helps me be more creative in my writing at work, but I just can’t seem to find the time. Or, if I do have time, I’m just too tired to give it more than a half-ass effort, so I put off writing.

Having said all that, this post is full of videos and the f-word. Be forewarned, you will not find this video funny if:

1. You have high standards;
2. You are offended by the bleeping of the f-word;
3. You don’t know who Jimmy Kimmel is;
4. You don’t know who Sarah Silverman is;
5. You don’t know Jimmy and Sarah are a couple;
6. You don’t know who Matt Damon is;
7. You don’t know who Ben Afflect is;
8. You don’t know that Matt and Ben are a couple (of longtime friends);
9. You don’t know who Barack Obama is; and
10. You don’t know who Hillary Clinton is.
11. You don’t necessarily have to like these people to find this video funny, you just have to know a little of the background. But you know if something needs this much explanation and build up, it can't be that funny.
12. See how I have written a post about nothing so it makes it look like I am actually writing again for my blog.
13. I really am writing a series of posts, where I go back to my medblog addict roots, with a little attorney stuff thrown in. Really. I am. One day I will finish the series and actually post it.
14. Yes, I know there was no Dr. March. There will be a Dr. April.

Watch this first if you haven't seen "I'm f*ckin Matt Damon" or "I'm f*ckin Ben Affleck"

Then watch this.


Alex Stoker said...

Awesome; restores my faith in subtle comedy of the Americas.
Incidentally, is it my imagination, or have all your calender docs been of the N. American variety? Just... wondering...

jmb said...

So how come you have time to cruise YouTube my dear? Still I enjoyed these so I would have missed them if it wasn't for you!
Dr April will be good. Someone is being pushy here, offer him March of next year.

Carver said...

I'm afraid that it may say something about me that I watched the first one again, even though I'd already seen it. However, I hadn't seen the Clinton/Obama one and it was funny watching them in order. On another subject, I'm looking forward to Dr. April.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Oh. My. Dog.

THW said...

I've got to start watching more TV.

Those YouTube clips had me laughing all afternoon.

Devorrah said...

Oh my God, I've never seen this--so funny.