Friday, December 12, 2008

Story of the Calendar Docs

First, a programming note. The Twelve Days of Christmas series of interviews won’t start until December 14th.

In the meantime, here is the story of how the Calendar Doc series began back in June 2007.

Long ago and far away, there was a medblogger named TrenchDoc. TrenchDoc was an ER doc. Supposedly, the ED where TrenchDoc worked had a calendar made up of pictures of half-nekkid manly residents posed in compromising positions and/or funny outfits. Every once in a while, to the delight of his female readers, TrenchDoc would post one of these calendar pictures on his medblog.

Unfortunately, TrenchDoc, without any warning, had to shut down his medblog. Something about the CIA, an angry jealous husband, and/or a salad bar incident involving SeaSpray. You get the picture.

Seeing a legit opportunity to post pictures of half-nekkid men on my blog, I immediately stole the calendar idea from TrenchDoc before his blog was even cold. In all fairness, though, I did make TrenchDoc my first Calendar Doc. I added dinosaurs and women to the mix (although I’m still not sure what kind of pictures to post for them), and this month, the series will feature non-MD healthcare professionals. [if that’s not a correct way to say that, let me know.]

At one point, there was a little controversy surrounding the Calendar Doc series. It seems some people thought I was featuring too many ER docs. Now, seriously, can one ever have too many ER docs? Here's some Calendar Doc trivia. Scalpel's Calendar Doc picture gets the most hits from random strangers searching for pics of hot half-nekkid men. Only one doctor has failed to respond to my invitation to be a Calendar Doc. I like to think my e-mail got lost in his inbox.

The calendar series has been a lot of fun for me. I want to thank the past Calendar Docs, the special December calendar folks, and all of you readers who have encouraged me with your e-mails, comments, and visits. I also want to say a special thank you to KevinMD and GruntDoc for linking the calendar posts.

Y’all are going to enjoy the holiday series. The answers are great and very entertaining.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your efforts in promoting ER doctors as sex symbols. Not since George Clooney left "ER" have we enjoyed such status. Unfortunately, George set the bar pretty high. . .

Medblog Addict said...

I've already got you penciled in for next year. I just hope I can find a celebrity as good lookin as you are. *wink*

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

How about Ernest Borgnine? We could be twins!

Alex Stoker said...

I still note that there is a significant North american bias to your selection... just an observation, y'understand.
Slainte, and Merry Xmas


jmb said...

You should take pity on Dr Shroom since he is always so subtle.

I wonder how TrenchDoc is doing.

You don't actually have a complete twelve months yet do you?

rlbates said...

Not sure how we women docs should be "pictured" either, but hopefully we can be intelligent and if not sexy at least decent looking. :)

Medblog Addict said...

ER Doc -- A half nekkid pic of Ernest Borgnine is NOT going on my blog!

JMB - leave Dr. Shroom alone. TrenchDoc is doing fine, but has his hands full. He's the baby daddy to twins. (that's a pic of the twins on my 10/30/08 post; and there's a pic of Jack on my post 10/20/08 post.)

Dr. Shroom -- maybe if you'd start posting again, I'd make you a Calendar Doc. Slacker.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Dr. Bates -- I'm hoping you'll agree to be one of my 2009 Calendar Docs. Your pic will be easy - I already have one picked out.

JMB - I had 12 docs picked out for 2008, I just didn't have enough time to do 12 calendar posts. This year I am going to try for 12 (one of whom will be Dr. Shroom, even if he is a slacker and talks funny).

The Tundra PA said...

...the series will feature non-MD healthcare professionals. [if that’s not a correct way to say that, let me know.]

I believe the correct verbiage is "non-physician" whatevers (NPP is non-physician providers) so as not to exclude D.O.s. Maintaining political correctness can require hair-splitting attention to the task.

Thanks for including me in your NPP Calendar!