Thursday, May 10, 2007

Atrophied Testicle? Sorry, Wrong Blog

Wait, not so fast.

I just found out that last week, my blog came up during a search for “atrophied testicle hernia surgery”. Why me?

Then I remembered the Oops case. I had written about a med mal case where the surgeon admitted that he said “oops, I cut in the wrong place” during an operation to repair a double inguinal hernia.

So, while the searcher (I’m not a doctor, but I’m assuming it was a he) didn’t receive any helpful medical advice, he may not have walked away from here empty-handed. If he read the post, he could have learned:

1. The name of a surgeon he might want to avoid. Although, I'm sure the surgeon learned from his mistake (and I’d be willing to bet the farm that the surgeon learned never to say "oops" again during surgery.); and

2. The name of a Plaintiff’s lawyer. Not that he should hire one unless it is absolutely, positively, 100% warranted. Remember, bogus med mal cases affect me too. I don't want to have to lie to my doctors when they ask me what I do for a living. No CYA tests needed for me, thank you. I'm easy (uh, you know what I mean).

(I wanted to post something tonight, but have nothing to say, so I went through my blog closet and found this. I wrote this last December but "unpublished" it after a few hours. I think I was just surprised ATM came up in a "medical" search. Since then, ATM has appeared in the results of quite a few "medical" searches. There are a surprisingly large number of people out there who are interested in butt pus. But the all time most popular keyword search phrase for ATM remains "stitches or staples". You know, just from the few searches I have seen on ATM that contain the word "nurse", I have a feeling that nurses must see some really strange search keywords with respect to their blogs. People have some bizarre thoughts about what nurses do.)


Doc's Girl said...

I just googled what you had in quotations and felt very accomplished that you were right...until I noticed that it was your post today that popped up in my search. *lol* I'm such a dork...:-P

Mauigirl said...

I know what you mean. I sometimes see what people were searching on when they came across my blog, Medicana, and wish I could e-mail them and say "Uh, I hope you found some good information in your search, because if you really have those symptoms, you'd better get to a doctor pronto!"

Sid Schwab said...

Yeah. I've gotten a lot of hits from people who obviously had something else in mind when they found my series "Losing my virginity." "Dirty Sex and Soldiers" brought them in, too. I'm shameless.

Lynn Price said...

Oh, and speaking of Sid, I still get a serious case of the giggles over his butt pus chapter.

MBA, is this whole 'search' thing your lawyerly method of cyberbyte chasing? Ain't no ambulances on the internet...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a fun thing to do every once in a while...and then write a post about it to get some laughs.

I had a really persistent searcher for "doctors fuking patients." Okay. Well, they might if you could learn how to spell. Or maybe you're cute enough to get by without that terribly important factor called "intelligence."

However, some ethical issues there but PA doesn't judge what other people do.

BTW, love the joke for today (May 11.)

I haven't been around much as I've been in hosp. but I think that might be one of your better my opinion anyway.

Not Nurse Ratched said...

I once had a doc say "oops" when cutting a giant mole off my back. Left a giant scar. It's not something you want to hear when someone is rattling a scalpel around you! Also, I do get some hilarious search terms for my blog. My favorite so far this month is "mannequin butts." Who searches for that???

Anonymous said...

That is a funny search term nnr. I was once in the ER with a very bad ear infection and the first course of antibiotics did not work. I was in so much pain and couldn't wait for an appointment with my GP so off to the hospital I went to see if I could get another script or if it was getting worse. When it started, I was actually bleeding so there were some concerns.

The doc checked me out and said, "EWWW!" Not exactly something you want to hear either when it's an area of your body that you can't see for yourself and from a "professional."

D.P. said...

I get some interesting search terms as well, but my favorite remains "doctor patient dating" or something along those lines . . . LMAO! I often wonder if it's the doctor or the patient doing the googling. ;o)