Monday, June 11, 2007

June's Calendar Doc is . . . Trenchy

I thought it was only right that Trenchy should be the first Doctors of the Blogosphere calendar boy. After all, I did steal his idea after he closed his blog. Trenchdoc was one of my favorite medblogs. Trenchy could make me laugh, he could make me cry, he could make me want to knock him on his ass. I'm gonna miss Trenchdoc.

Here is Trenchy's Calendar Boy interview:

Q1. Is your blog gone for good and why did you take it down?

Yes, Trenchdoc is dead forever. We had been considering moving the blog to a different domain anyway, but “someone” complained (that the blog was offensive) to the Mecca administration. We believe it was because I indicated that poor white people tend to be drug seekers.

Q2. Do you plan on having another medblog?

Yes, another blog is in the works… but will be entirely different, something like the “Motley Fool” of medicine… the working titles are or maybe

Q3. What was your favorite post from Trenchdoc?

Hands down, “Red Velvet Cake”… that kind of crap only happens to people in the trenches.

Q4. What are your favorite blogs to visit?

Addicted to Medblogs, of course. I consider Gruntdoc the quintessential ER blogger and I read Charity Doc and Movin’ Meat nearly everyday. Panda Bear MD may be the best writer of any blog in any category, even better than several professional writers… stupid intern. (I know, he had to say ATM, but I'm leaving it in--Medblog Addict).

Q5. What is the craziest ER story that you never told on your blog?

I shouldn’t even go here… but I did an evaluation for sexual assault on a severely physically handicapped female who complained that she had only consented to sex in a certain area, but that her “friend” (that she met on the Internet) had performed the act in a different area. When I performed the exam, it took me 10 minutes and a 2nd opinion to determine one area from the other myself.

Q6. What color scrubs do you wear?

Navy, light blue and hospital blue-green… and I know you didn’t ask but I wear black underwear, socks and clogs.

Q7. Is there anything that we should know about you that would help us to better understand your writing, some have said they can never tell when you are serious?

The only time I am serious is when I get my ass handed to me. Like when I have to pull the plug on my flippin blog.

Q8. What would you do if you were not in medicine?

Throw away my Zantac… and pick up my duck call.

Q9. What do you do with your free time?

Eat Zantac… Oh and look at myself in the mirror… naked… although I have to be more careful about that since I got a new Lab pup (he’s a chewer).

Q10. What “lessons in life” have you learned being a doctor that others outside the profession may not know about?

That there is no black and white in medicine, nor in life… we are all good and evil and courageous and detestable (like hospital administrators) at any given time.

Q11. What is the best thing about authoring a medical blog?

I liked reading that others felt the same way I did about the sadness that is inevitable in our occupation… and the commentors who would e-mail topless pictures. I liked that A LOT!

Q12. Why did you start blogging, what gave you the idea?

Just a way to vent about the daily struggles in the ER, and what a way to meet chicks, I mean, it is just ridiculous.

Q13. Does threat of malpractice affect how you practice medicine? How?

Yes, I do not make a decision without considering the legal risk and I frequently must weigh my risk against doing what is right.

Q14. Everything in blog-dom is so anonymous, tell us something about you only your best friend would know.

I lied about the topless pics, but I really did almost have Seaspray talked into it.

Q15. Do you have a tattoo or piercing?

Yes, a Kappa Sigma on my left cheek. If I ever do an Iron-man triathlon I’d get that tattoo also.

Photo of Trenchy taken on a Carolina beach, exactly 500 feet away, just like the restraining order required. For a small fee, I will e-mail you a picture of the tat on his left cheek. What?...I just happen to be passing by that window when my finger accidently hit the button on my camera phone.

Real photo credit: Pacific Coast News


jmb said...

I can hardly wait for July.
Best idea in a long time. I just loved it.

#1 Dinosaur said...

OMG, girl, you have hit on a gold mine! Too funny; love the interview too.

Anonymous said...

That is EXACTLY what I thought he looked like. I want a picture of Trenchy’s tattoo. E-mail it to

Doc's Girl said...

No relief in the "Scrub Debate." *shakes head* Blue-green? What kind of an answer is that?? :-P

Great post and great idea, my dear... I also look forward to next month! :)

SeaSpray said...

And this morning's beverage was orange juice! :)

I KNEW that was him! One only has to picture the ER head lamp on his head - turned on and it so matches the pic he had in his blog.

Ha! Trenchy - didn't think I noticed - did ya?

And how are those clogs and black socks working out for you on the beach? Too bad we can't see the full pic. ;)

"I lied about the topless pics, but I really did almost have Seaspray talked into it." - Trenchy, I TOLD you I was shy - sometimes!

And what about the "C" word? Confidentiality? O.k - FINE! Truth be told - you did wear me down and I was just about to e-mail them to you but when I went to get your e-mail address off your blog - you had already left the blogosphere.

You weren't far off the mark about my SeaSpray logo though. Go to my profile and enlarge the pic and look real hard behind the SeaSpray. ;)

M.A. - Excellent idea and fun post. How much did he PAY you to do this?

P.S. Trenchy - I wonder how many people see the box of red velvet cake in their local supermarkets and think of you? I do. Awww shucks! Why I am feeling sentimental now and am going to buy one at the store today. I am somewhat perplexed though...where.. do I find rat poison?

Oh and you might like to know that in your honor (sort of a farewell in spirit deal) some girlfriends and I are going to an all you can eat salad bar today! We are going to put your theory to the test. :)

Bo... said...

Trench, you are such a "bad boy", heh. Come on, make another blog. But this time....utter secrecy. Don't tell a soul that you're blogging. Don't do it on the hospital's computer---do it on your laptop on your own ISP. didn't mention if you read nurse blogs. Don't you read us? Don't make us come over to Mecca....

Dr. A said...

How did you get my picture? hehe

Anonymous said...

Off topic-Here is one for your blog collection.

Anonymous said...

That's Trenchy??

Oh my dawg. He is HAWT.

Let's see... what can I fake so I can see him in the emergency room?


SeaSpray said...

Yeah anonymous - He's HOT...until you see the black socks and clogs he's sporting - so last summer. least he's not doing the white socks with sandals anymore. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ummm... I stopped looking somewhere north of his feet...

Nevermind. ;)

Medblog Addict said...

Anonymouses 1:55 and 4:57 --- FINALLY! I knew there had to be someone out there who could appreciate the important stuff. The man is HOT. Anyone who looks like that can leave his black socks beside my bed anytime. Hell, he can wear 'em to bed.

I'm really a little disappointed that y'all haven't been rowdier. C'mon. This was supposed to be a fun comment section.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same anonymous... now commenting for the third time. ;) I have to get me a google account or something.

I would definitely draw the line at clogs in bed. No way.

The rest of Trenchy... well. Let's just say I feel inspired to become a frequent flyer in his emergency room, except he would probably hate me and it would all backfire. :(

Who is Mr. July going to be? I can't wait to see.

SeaSpray said...

Don't worry M.A. - the "important" stuff didn't get past this girl....I love his cool board .....and the ocean.. with the white sandy beach... but, I draw the line at socks to bed. Skin to skin! ;)

Medblog Addict said...

Trenchystalker--oooww- I said socks to bed, not clogs. Maybe we could get by with going to Trenchy's ER if we made it clear that we weren't seeking drugs, we just had an "emergency" that needed a lot of "hands-on" treatment.

Seaspray -- sorry, but our ideas of "important" are definitely board? ocean? Geez, is that what being married does to a person?

Anonymous said...

Well done, MBA. I can't comment on the "hotness factor" of the guy above but you completely (or Trenchdoc?) had me laughing at topless pics of SeaSpray. Woo hoo!

Sorry SeaSpray...I'm not sure what was going on there but it sure sounds (like it was) fun *wink*

Lynn Price said...

"Lynn, where are you? I have a half naked hottie on my blog and no one wants to get rowdy with me in my comment section."

My GOD, meddyaddy, had I known you had a flippin' Greek God smiling on your site, I'd have told the Publishers Weekly reviewer to go blow. Jesus, think that's a surfboard in his hand, or is he just happy to see me?

Help, I've fallen. Is there a doctor in the house?

SeaSpray said...

What? Well...I like his suit and Oh..yeah, great watch. Looks good on him. Of course... nope...not gonna say it - I am trying to be a good girl here!

Yeah PA- I am downright giddy over here - giddy and topless! Yeeha!

PA - No offense taken - I am cracking up over here. A girl always likes a little fun teasing. It all started with the ....Throckmorton. :)

M.A. - what do you want me to say? Do you want me to comment on his Zeta judged, 1st place winning McNuggets?

I plead the 5th :)

girlvet said...

I don't believe that is really ER doc looks that good...However it would be good for nurse retention...

SeaSpray said...

YES - THEY DO girl vet!!!! YES...THEY DO!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I knew it was him . . . :o/

Anonymous said...

Trenchy can't take credit for the body listed... here's the real Trenchy in a slightly cooler scene...

FYI, his name is Leslie Moats... he is an emergency physician in South Carolina. All the nurses call him "Moatsy"...

Anonymous said...

Yep, and the real Trency is much cuter . . . even if he doesn't answer his email.


SeaSpray said...

Nah..I happen to know that is NOT you because... well just because

For one thing you wouldn't put up a pic so that people recognize you because then someone could connect you to your new shrinkageisreal blog. I'm curious - what logo goes with that one? Are we talking cotton T-shirts here or what?

Also - I remember the shot of you with your ED headlamp on your head for the target story - and it doesn't match up- be it ever so little. Not that your head was little but your portion of head/eyes that you did show. Put that lamp back on and I could pic you out in any Target store! ;)

I know that WAS the real deal at least my vibes told me so. :)

C'mon Trenchy - get your blog up!

Amanda said...

MBA, great interview! I'm joining the others in being eager for July.

The pic is so totally droolworthy, too, regardless of just who it actually is. I like to see some nice scenery...

tk said...

So, when will the new "Trenchy" blog be up and running?

Anonymous said...

That was incredibly interesting! Awesome job.

Medblog Addict said...

Thanks guys, all the credit goes to Dr. Moats. Except I did pick out the picture. And it was really hard too, going through all those pics trying to find the perfect half nekkid man.