Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dr. October is ...MDOD

When I started the Calendar Doc series, I knew the MDOD docs were going to be Drs. October-Halloween Edition. I’ve always thought the MDOD site was SPOOKY. The dark background, the dark stories, the dark humor. Before they hit the big time, it was like visiting a deserted ghost blog. I never saw comments from the MDOD docs on other blogs, and there were never comments from outsiders on MDOD. When I wanted to link the Throckmorton post, I asked for 911DOC’s permission because I was afraid to send my 15 readers over there unannounced.

The MDOD doctors are "different." They post interesting stories about their work and, in their comment section, make frequent references to masturbation, exhibit homoerotic tendencies toward one another, and call each other lewd and lascivious names, which makes MDOD one of my favorite medblogs. I have to admit, though, more than once when I was reading their responses to my questions, I would think “that boy just ain’t right.”

Here is Part One of the interview:

Q.1 I think at least one of y'all is a girl. Am I right?

911DOC: no, we are all genetically XY though given the recent coming to prominence of the transgender movement one of our number may not exactly identify himself as 'male'. i'm not saying who it is but if you ever played 'one of these things is not like the others' on sesame street you can figure it out pretty quickly.

Etotheipi: Don't be stupid. Girls are too yucky to write such brilliant socio-politico-medical commentary. Boys rule! [censored-sorry, but I don’t want no trouble from the authorities (or hits from those kinds of perverts). I haven’t had my law license very long, I don’t want to lose it over your penchant for ***** **** MA]

Oldfart: Doubt it

Q.2 How much money have y'all made off those Google ads on your blog?

911DOC: right now the counters are ticking so fast that i should have my kid's college education paid for before Al Gore's apocalypse.

Etotheipi: Ask 911… and then tell him to give me some of it.

Oldfart: I ain't seen no $$!

Q.3 Any tattoos? Piercings?

911DOC: not yet. considering either a puking skull on my left arm or a still-life of flowers or something.

Shrodinger’s Cat: 1 tattoo [he didn’t say where or what, and there's no way I'm gonna ask, so just assume the worst-MA]

Etotheipi: If I did, they would all be on my genitals.

Oldfart: Nope x 2

Q.4 Write a dirty haiku for me.

men can not find it
is it fact or friction-y
the graffenberg spot

Shrodinger’s Cat:
Looking in your eye
Dingleberries everywhere
Your stinking brown eye

I've been a bad boy.
My sister's still a virgin
But not anally.

Oldfart: what the fuck is a "haiku"?!

Q.5 Do one of y'all work with a monkey?

911DOC: see
10/18 post. DRX and erdoc85 have some experience in that department. schrodinger's cat had an organ grinder act many years ago but lost the monkey on a bet so had to become a doctor.

Shrodinger’s Cat: no monkeys

Etotheipi: This better not be some racist question because I'm 1/32nd Kickasquaw.

Oldfart: No, but I trained a few!! Damn fine doctors they are..

Q.6 Why do doctors look hot in scrubs but dentists don't?

911DOC: good question. i have a suspicion that it has to do with the fact that you know they are dentists and that if you had a heart attack in their chair that they would call the ambulance to come and get you. perhaps it's the same kind of thing as wearing a band uniform or a USMC uniform? all that being said, i would be much happier as a dentist.

Shrodinger’s Cat: I look great in my scrubs because I work out, eat right, and wear no underwear.

Etotheipi: Because of our oversize genitals (especially the large vaginaed women).

Oldfart: Cause we are

Q.7 And of course, what color scrubs do you wear?

911DOC: black usually though a reddish top i used to have has now faded to pink. i love it.

Shrodinger’s Cat: Maroon scrubs

Etotheipi: Heliotrope and puce.

Oldfart: Blue

In Part Two, the MDOD doctors will answer more questions. I just have to do a little more legal research on some of their answers. That boy just ain't right.

Picture: MDOD doctors less Dr. X and erdoc85. Don't worry, doctors that don't cooperate get "special" candid pics posted, so look for pictures of Dr. X and erdoc85 pictures in Part Two.

PART TWO is here.


Carver said...

Thanks for another fun interview. Perfect for the Halloween edition. Too funny. Cheers, Carver

Anonymous said...

DON'T EDIT ME DAMMIT! My "Boys rule!" comment was followed by a pedophilic homoerotic reference, hence completing the "girls bad, boys good" joke. You ruined it. I guess some people just don't find NAMBLA funny... odd.

BTW, I'm the guy in the white pants with the bulging package.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. They are kind of like a doctor-blogging-frat.

Medblog Addict said...

Yeah, the MDOD house is the one where you always cross the street rather than walk in front of it.

E-whatever: DAMMIT. I thought it would be funny to refer to that assn. too, but I refrained because I'm the one who has to see the search words those sick puppies use when I check my Sitemeter stats.

BTW, nice sock.

MonkeyGirl said...

"schrodinger's cat had an organ grinder act..."

There's nothing wrong with a little organ grinding.

Nice haikus.

911DOC said...

we are honored to be considered the 'delta house' of faber u. our motto therefore is ''knowledge is good''.

911DOC said...

...and dear MA, since you say we are different, i would like to spin this as "we celebrate diversity and tolerance".

jmb said...

The MDOD doctors are "different."

They sure turned out to be different calendar docs too. I'm sure the rating of your blog is now assured as R without any effort on your part.

Is the black background only for Halloween or do I have to get my cataracts done soon?

Medblog Addict said...

It's just temporary, I'll change it on Saturday morning. I didn't really have a lot of time to play with it before I posted.

Thanks y'all for stopping by and commenting.

And of course I meant "different" in a good way.

This shows you how often I make comments, is that follow-up e-mail thing new on Blogger?

Nurse K said...

Wanna hear something cute?

One time I was teasing 911doc, giving him sh*t about something essentially, and he took out a disposable email address just to email me an apology because he wasn't sure if I was really pissed off or not. cute.

Nurse K said...

HOW cute---hm...Freudian slip perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I love the monthly calendar interviews - such great reading!

tk said...

I knew it! I wanted to comment earlier, but my place of employment is a bit of a stickler about electronic communication--they even specifically mention blogging and commenting on blogs. Oh well, I still looked! Ya gotta love those ER docs!!!

Scalpel is still my favorite though--sorry boys . . . ;o)

scalpel said...


make mine trauma said...

We always have snickered when the pathologists come to the operating room to pick up specimens. One is normal, but he's young, I'm sure that will change. One never seems to be able to tell the surgeon just exactly what he has discovered on frozen, one is a hand wringer, another a rhythmic butt clencher, but now I will forever visualize them sodomizing their sisters while Kermit watches, perhaps narrating.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know the "cat" personally and he HAS worked with monkeys on several occasions. He loves monkeys and monkeys love him.


SeaSpray said...

ROFL Gosh too funny! Loved the haikus! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Haiku!!

Lynn Price said...

After a week of sucking smoke because I live too damn close to the canyons, I needed a good laugh. Thanks so much for not disappointing! With all their self-professed "packages," I'm not sure which doc I want clearing out the crap in my lungs...

Bongi said...

thanks for the great interview posted here. i sort of used both your blog and theirs to try to bring across a point on my latest post. all appropriately linked of course. hope you don't mind