Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Deadlines are important in my line of work. Every document that comes in the front door is reviewed by the receptionist to determine whether it contains any deadlines. If it does, then a copy of the document goes to our calendaring paralegal, who enters the deadline(s) on the firm's electronic calendar. The original document goes to the appropriate attorney's secretary, who puts it on her calendar, then she gives the document to the attorney, who places the deadline(s) on the paper calendar that our malpractice insurance carrier requires each attorney to keep in addition to the electronic calendar. Most days, I am trying to meet a deadline or two. Of course, this being the law, there is occasionally a loophole. Sometimes you can ask opposing counsel and/or the court for an extension of time. I couldn't make the deadline for getting my questions to Dr. April, so now Dr. April isn't going to appear until May. But it's okay, the judge approved my motion for extension of time to publish the Dr. April post. Stay tuned.

Photo: I need to exercise, so I thought I would look at a picture of Andy Roddick.


Carver said...

I'll look forward to Dr. April whenever you post it.

Devorrah said...

I'm just sad that there are only twelve months in the year (-:

Anonymous said...

It's coming, I promise.

April Doctor
(sung to the tune of April Showers)

Though April Doctor
Is on the way
I’ve missed the deadline
And now it’s May

But don’t you worry
Have no regrets
Because the April doctor’s always in
Around the internet

So if you read this
It’s really true
You’ll soon be reading
My interview

So keep on reading Medblog Addict
And sing this little song
Whenever April Doctor
Comes along.....

jmb said...

I forgive you. You could fill in Dr April next year. Except I see that he/she seems to think he/she will just be Dr April in May.

The law is obviously a hard task master MbA.