Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unsolicited Advice to the New Medblogger Who Left a Comment on my Blog

Dear New Medblogger,

You haven't posted a lot on your new medblog, but it looks like you are off to a good beginning. May I give you some advice?

Now, this is only my opinion. I haven’t read any books on the subject, and I'm certainly no expert. You just seem like a nice guy who may be getting off on the wrong foot and I want to try to help.

I've noticed that you are going to various medblogs and leaving comments like "Hey, check out my new medblog." Maybe it's just me, and I'll admit I'm kinda cranky and sensitive, but I don't really appreciate comments like that. It smacks of bad blogging etiquette.

I know you are in a hurry to build a readership, but I don’t think leaving self-promoting comments on other people’s blogs is the best way to go about it. Here are a few alternatives you might like to try.

1. Find a post on a medblog that interests you, then leave a comment pertinent to that post. You can be an angel or an asshole, just make sure your comment is interesting, so people will want to check out your medblog. And be sure you are logged in, so people can click on your name and be instantly transported to your new medblog.

2. I think some of my 15 readers use my blogroll as a starting point on their daily journey through the medblogs. You need to try to get blogrolled by other medbloggers. Some people are sensitive about blogrolling so you need to tread lightly. I occasionally receive e-mails from doctors/nurses/medstudents introducing themselves and asking me to check out their medblogs. I love meeting these new medbloggers and will always add the legit medblogs to my blogroll. But I'm easy that way. You may need to earn a place on other people's blogrolls. Bribes of link exchanges are nice, but I don’t let that influence me (much).

Here's something you should check out. Dr. WhiteCoat has created a giant List of Medblogs and is inviting medbloggers to leave a link to their medblogs in his comments section. Note that he is "inviting" you to leave a link to your medblog in his comment section.

3. Comment, comment, comment (about the blogger’s post!). You need to get your name out there. Leave lots of comments and pretty soon, people will start visiting your blog, linking your posts, and adding you to their blogrolls.

4. Submit a post to Grand Rounds. That right there will get you some visitors.

There is a lot of good blogging advice out there, I just wanted to give you a few pointers to get you started.

Best of luck with your new medblog.

Medblog Addict


jmb said...

Five stars for this advice Miss MbA.
I did not know about the List of Medbloggers so will check it out. Although frankly I don't have time to follow any more if I find I am missing some.

SeaSpray said...

Great ideas!

Hey our blogaversaries are coming up!

I began reading medblogs in October 2006 and wrote my 1st post I think Nov 13, 06.

You were one of my first commenters and encouragers.

Do you remember how we both weren't sure if we would keep it up and doubted we'd be read by anyone?

What a hobby ...huh?! :)

Vijay said...

Thanks for the heads up about White Coat's list. I didn't know that. Will go check it out now.

This is a great post, BTW. Very useful. You should submit this to Grand Rounds.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

Great advice.

I would add another tip - Nominate medical bloggers for a monthly calendar, and include photos of really hot males like Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney... Oh, wait, hasn't that already been done?

Didn't know about the blog list - thanks.

Lynn Price said...

Oh come on, Meddy Addy, don't you know spam is the new lunch meat? Geez, get with the program.

Medicare Health Insurance Plans - Jerry Perisho said...

Don't forget the real key to repeated web site hits: photos of talentless actresses who are intentionally climbing in and out of their cars very slowly, while wearing no panties.

Oh yeah, and be sure to talk about Sarah Palin's glasses.

Comedy Writer Jerry Perisho

make mine trauma said...

Excellent advice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Checkout my Blog, "Frankie's Hideout" recommended by 4 out of 5 Doctors(the other ones sharing Endzone space with Jimmy Hoffa). Only Med Blog out there with a Top 10 MILFs of the 60's feature, we're down to #3 so don't miss out.

Cat said...

I find it amusing that Frank Drackman just did what you told everyone NOT to do, i.e., write, "Check out my blog," in the comments section.

Bruce said...

Your comments are right on the mark. To get friends, you have to be a friend, even in the medblog world.

rlbates said...

Nice post. I agree with all your above commentors.

Don Harting said...


I thought this post was so great I made photocopies and passed them out at a roundtable on blogging last week at a medical writers conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Don't worry, I gaave your blog full credit as the source. (However I had to censor some of the more raunchy comments beforehand.) Keep up the good work!