Sunday, March 08, 2009

Twitters in the Waiting Room

[Yep, I just changed the title.]

This weekend I discovered Twitter Venn Diagrams. I’ll let these smart folks tell you all about them. I thought it would be fun to find out what people were twittering about in your waiting rooms. Here are a few of the more “interesting” tweets:

dear lady in the next bed: "don't worry about it" is an inappropriate response to the ER doctor's question "what meds are you on?"5:20 PM Feb 28th from TwitterFox

Funniest thing I've seen all day: an ER doctor trying to play Wii balance games. Never seen anyone lean with such surgical precision!8:08 PM Mar 1st from web

Omg! hot hot hot doctor at the ER checking my kids.4:34 PM Mar 2nd from txt

In the waiting room of the doctor's office, hoping to get some good meds. *Nate10:30 AM Mar 3rd from txt

Gotta love a doctor's office that has a well-worn copy of the swimsuit issue in the waiting room.7:46 AM Mar 4th from TwitterFon

In a very small room, no windows, waiting for a doctor. Only diff between me and a prisoner is the prisoner knows when he'll get 2 leave.1:40 PM Mar 4th from TwitterBerry

Okay. 25 minutes in the stuffy waiting room. My doctor has no soul.1:11 PM Mar 5th from txt

Long day and darn doctor took forever! Probably got charged for waiting in the waiting room!8:13 PM Mar 2nd from txt

It's odd when random people start a conversation with a stranger in the waiting room at the doctor's office.12:07 PM Mar 3rd from txt

in doctor's waiting room; next to a very attractive girl who is making THAT look every time the doc passes by. ??????1:51 PM Mar 3rd from web

The music of choice in the doctor's office waiting room is chirping birds...I feel like I'm in a forest or something6:04 PM Mar 3rd from mobile web

Waiting in the waiting room @ the doctor. Waiting to go in the smaller room... To wait. 3:46 PM Mar 2nd from TwitterBerry

In the waiting room here and there's a lawyer and a film crew to do a depo on a doctor here. Keep hearing the words liability. Scary.3:58 PM Mar 3rd from

At the doctor. The mind numbing noise of Nancy Grace on waiting room tv is making me feel worse.7:53 PM Mar 3rd from TwitterBerry

I'm 20 minutes away from throwing punches, I'm a very congested grumpy live wire in this waiting room. I miss my doctor back home.11:07 AM Mar 4th from TwitterBerry

gee, I love getting to the doctor's office on time, only to wait an hour and a half in the waiting room and then have a 15 min exam!4:13 PM Mar 4th from web

In the waiting room while my mom visits her eye doctor. Surrounded by old people. Trigger zombie outbreak scenario.9:48 AM Mar 6th from mobile web