Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Practicing Again

I'm still trying to figure out how to present cases on my blog. I actually found a source of case law that doesn't scream Westlaw all over it, and I can download the cases into Word. And look! I can highlight stuff. Now let's just see if I can make the pictures stick on this page.

This is funny. Well, as funny as law can get. One of the parties wanted to move the case from Galveston to Houston based on the fact that Galveston doesn't have a commercial airport they could fly into. The judge appears to be a little insulted.

Check out footnote 2: Defendant will again be pleased to know that regular limousine service is available from Hobby Airport, even to the steps of this humble courthouse, which has got lights, indoor plummin', 'lectric doors, and all sorts of new stuff, almost like them big courthouses back East.

Now that I see these on the page, I think I'm going to need to find a way to shrink the pictures. Damn.


jmb said...

Well my dear if you think I can read that think again! Yes I did click on the images! Yes the print was larger but not legible to these eyes.

Sounded like a good idea though.

Amanda said...

Oh holy cow, I nearly spit my coffee into my keyboard -- I love it when the Court gets snarky!! Hehehehe!!

Jmb, in my browser (Firefox) after clicking on the documents and opening the pictures in another page, I then had a magnifying glass icon where my mouse had been, and when I clicked on the pictures again it enlarged them to a legible size. You might want to see if you can do that, because believe me this was worth the read!