Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Waiting for Domino's

Know what I'm doing right now? Waiting for Domino's to deliver dinner. This is a prime example of just how goofy and easily impressed I am.

When you order pizza from Domino's online, you get to track the progress of your pizza being made. This NEVER fails to entertain me. For example, Jose just put my pizza in the oven. My pizza is baking at this VERY minute.

When the timelime shows "out for delivery", that means it is time to start scrambling for money and making sure nothing or no one can get out the front door that isn't supposed to when the delivery guy/gal rings the doorbell. If I'm feeling really fancy, I may even put on shoes for the pizza guy/gal.

Heh. Jose just double-checked my order for perfection. Way to go, Jose.

By the way, Domino's isn't my favorite pizza, but it's moved up in the rankings so I don't mind eating it when we order from a chain. It really is new and improved, and the crust doesn't taste like cardboard anymore.

Ok, Amanda just left the store with my order. Gotta go find the money. Screw the shoes, I'm answering the door barefoot.


Amanda said...

Two entries in under a week? I'm about to faint from the shock!

And I'm just a fan of pizza in general. Melted cheese, carbolicious goodness... yum.

Medblog Addict said...

LOL, I'm going for quantity over quality. Although, I probably need to stop posting whatever crazy thought pops into my head.

Amanda said...

Pfft... like that's ever stopped me?